Sunday, March 6, 2011

made and did and wrote and drew and played

This morning I thought, Today's the Day! 

Today's the day

for getting up and thinking about and writing a post

which is always fun and inspiring to check out.

And I'm not sure if I'm cheating, 

because here it's Sunday. 

But I thought, Stephanie won't mind about that! She's really nice. In fact I could even write this post on a Wednesday, and she'd allow it. She's wonderful that way! :)

Then I thought,

Did I already write a post that fits? I should probably check first. 


I looked and it would be an interesting squeeze…
(think 1 ugly stepsister plus 1 glass slipper)…

so the answer was No.

Then I thought,

Has there been much creating this week?

So I checked and peeked and 

I picked things up off the floor…

and I think

there kind of


There were

 drawings by a girl 

and drawings by a boy…

the beginnings of felt dragons…

and two rockets…

one for Splotches the cat

(not the real one in the pic above!)

and one for Waffle the dog.


there was a finished Kitten World report 

complete with the world's most gorgeous, skiing kitten…

And there were
 jet packs 

and pottery tiles

and games…

All of them yummy.

But my favourite creation of the week?

The one made and given yesterday,

by the man I married 11 years ago…

detailing the date we're going to go on next week.

I think it's gorgeous. 

So I'd say some

Creating was done this week, 

for sure!

(In fact, I kind of wonder if Create is our blood type, like,

if you looked into a microscope at 

all of our insides,

you'd probably find all these little blood cells running about 

in berets, holding up paintbrushes

(perhaps one on some scaffolding, painting the ceiling),

and another little blood cell

musing over a composition or bent over a piano like Shroeder in the Peanuts cartoons,

and another 

little blood cell

scribbling madly into a notebook,

another with its nose in a novel,

another drawing cat cartoons…

All our insides buzzing with activity

as our little blood cells made and did and wrote and drew and played.

Yeah, I think 

the scientists would consider us

a medical marvel…

if only they knew!)


Wishing you all

some beautiful
Creating Days!


  1. Your kids are terrific artists! I love it!

  2. Wow - you did heaps of 'creating' this week!

  3. Your offspring are truly talented! Wow! I just love a post full of fun creativity and how sweet is your man? Gorgeous! Hugs xoxox

  4. Awesome.
    I think I like the dragon and the cats best of all! :)

  5. Wow! So many lovely arty fun!
    I love the character that kids put into their drawings.
    The skiing cat is wonderful!

  6. Ha! Well, I'm glad you looked--quite a lot of creating went on there!


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