Tuesday, March 8, 2011



morning cuddles
the very finest thing about my days.
The smell, the feel of my kids in my arms in the mornings. It literally makes my heart flipflop, every time.

asking the kids after breakfast:

So what would you guys like to work on today?
my girl: What I'm working on.
(a story, of course!)

This being the perfect-est answer ever…

making lunches while the kids do their thing

my boy doing Life of Fred (everything clicking for him today), my girl writing her story, my boy looking up the Iron Ages on the Net (for his report on the Land of Kyre), laughing…

then my girl and my boy watching Iron Ages animations…more laughing and laughing

then meeting friends at the park

for story sharing

and more story writing

playing on the beach

then off

to after-school writers workshop
for more story writing

all the kids eased in and comfortable six weeks in, as I'd hoped,

then home

for lentil bolognese
(remembering to stir it so it doesn't burn!)

and more story writing,
always writing

and story reading after dinner

and showers…

And as I write this,

story writing in bed, kids cosy,
the night chirruping outside, stars blinking.

lit by the beds,

and lamps lit inside me

from a day
of watching my kids BE.

Feeling light inside,

as I always do

when our days flow
like this.



  1. I know you wrote a whole bunch of really cool stuff here, but all I can focus on is the beach! Shorts and warm weather, oh, that looks nice. I am waist deep in over 2 feet of snow, the beach is just so lovely to look at! And the Lentil bolognese sounds yummy too.

  2. I hear you Andrea! Those pictures are what has carried me through this winter!!

    Helena, Would you consider writing a post about your writer's workshop? The nitty gritty details? I have toyed with the idea of starting one and I have some questions how it would work out in a homeschool setting. It used to be my favorite thing to teach when I was a classroom teacher, especially artist/writer's workshop!


  3. I love that hat your son wears. Trés Cool.

    Just how close do you live to the beach? I need to fine-tune my jealous levels. It's SNOWING here again. Dadgum snow.

  4. Do you realize what an unbelievably blessed life you lead? The love, the contentment, the excitement, the serenity just ooze from every post.

  5. Andrea, two feet of snow?! In March?! No good! I'll send you some beach warmth pronto. … Hmm, can you feel it yet? And yes, our lentil bolognese is our absolute favourite meal. Hmmm. Maybe I'll post a recipe? Haven't ever done that before…

    And Jessica, I'm so glad my pictures have helped! I can't wait to see all your pictures of Summer when we start to Winter away here. And yes, I'll totally write about writers workshop! That'll combine two of my favourite things :)

    Deb, I'm not sure you want to know how close we live to the beach. Are you ready? You can see the ocean after driving a minute from my place. Riding our bikes we're there in under 10 minutes. But, the beach in this pic took over 10 minutes to drive to, so it was FAR. Does that help, with the jealousy levels, at all? :) Now it's your turn this coming summer, to post as many jealousy-inducing pics as possible!

    Karen, Thank you so much for writing this. Your comment zipped through me, all warm and incredible. I thought, Yes. I do see—thankfully, I pause and notice, always. But how beautiful a friend can see it too, and puts it into such good, fine words.

  6. The beach caught my eye too! beautiful!

    A did Life of Fred in the fall...and LOVED it!!! Now she is using Math U See which seems to fit nicely as far as topics with Life of Fred.

  7. I wish my boys liked writing! :-( I do but they find it a chore. sigh.

    My daughter has been waking me up for morning cuddles at like 5.45 am. The boys are still snoring and I have the house to myself for now. :-)

    hugs xoxox

  8. Gah. We wore short sleeves today because it was 43 Farenheit and it felt quite warm. Now? I feel all grumbly because of that dang sand. Thanks. Thanks a lot.


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