Friday, March 4, 2011

a few of my favourite things

Sleeping with my family… 
The Big Family Bedroom has sure come in handy! My girl hasn't left since we created it. My son went off for about a month but has been slipping back in, night after night this past week. He loves the togetherness. I love it too. All of us breathing in and out in the same dark, same space, all of us with enough room to move.

Cat-napping yesterday with two cats… 
The kitten and the cat have formed a friendship. For a while there I thought it would never happen. They still play-fight, and sometimes Big is too rough with Little. But yesterday when I went upstairs to take a nap, there they both were, dozing on the Big Family Bed. Like they were saying, "Dude, why are we not included in this Night-time Togetherness deal? We're snuggly. We're totally able to breathe in and out with you in the same dark. Seriously. You should consider it."

I loved being able to say to the kids—on this day when we were all under the weather—I'm just going to have a little sleep, is that okay? And hearing YES! And knowing they'd be busy, happy, content. And when I came downstairs there had been computer play, construction, imaginary games and more. Hmmm. Perhaps I should nap more often?!

Going off on cool excursions whenever we feel like it… 
On Monday it was the Science centre, just for an hour or so, 'cos we could. We loved the Planetarium/Observatory, loved looking at a computerised visual of the world's smallest measurable thing (and it was way way smaller than an atom), and zooming out all the way to the edges of the measurable universe. It blew our minds! 

Plus we got to play until the Science centre closed—we had the entire place to ourselves. I swear, it's like the world feels like a Secret Wonderland sometimes, being a homeschooler. Galleries, swimming pools, science centres, libraries—often almost empty. Our private universe! Makes me think of those celebrities who get whole department stores to close so they can shop in peace. But our life is much cooler than theirs :)

Playing games whenever we feel like it… 
And we have even more now, because my sister just gave us a HUGE box of games over the weekend. Serious win!

Our favourites right now?

and our very own
family invented,
girl illustrated,

Kitten World Game!

Which has totally put the FUN in maths. 
(And not just for my girl. We all love it)

Writers workshop… 
Where I go and sit with a bunch of enthusiastic, interested and engaged young people, all overflowing with ideas. Where I feel completely in my Element, and afterwards so energised I could leap tall buildings. Yeah! Creativity + Kids = Immense Beauty

Pottery class… 
Where our clay tiles become plaster molds, which can then magically transform clay into tiles. Ta-Da! Way better than pulling a rabbit out of a hat :)

And finally, 
a kitten discovering the world… 
Kind of like having an instant toddler,  but one who wants to claw and bite everything, walk on tables during breakfast, climb up doors, be as close as possible to any human in existence, and take on Big Cats like a superhero. Life sure has been entertaining recently!

And now I'm wondering… 
what your favourite things might be? 

In this moment… 

In this magical, constantly surprising, often beautiful life…

I'm wondering…

would you'd like to tell me?

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  1. You are doing so well with your resolution to blog every day! I have to sit down with coffee and comment on your back posts.....this week has been so very very busy. Fun, inspiring, education, but exhausting. I will totally link up. I have to think of what to link to!

  2. We enjoy Setters of Catan as well, and those tiles are beuatiful!

    I am right there with you in the kitten department, and that is why I am up so early! Crazy kitten decided it was time for me to get up. It is so hard to control when and where a kitten sleeps! Love the picture of the kitten up the door!!!

  3. Helena, I always enjoy reading about your days and your thoughts. I'm still sore from yesterday's hike, but it was a such a lovely day for us that I shared it on your linky thing :)

  4. I recently wrote a post on my favorite things, but then felt I was too materialistic or something. I like your list. I have to give this more thought and come up with a better list.


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