Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hello :)

It has been such a long time.

Hasn't it?

A year and a half, and I'm wandering my own pages like a tourist and an old friend.

I wrote a lot of words here, and I grieved here, and I shared here, and I found the joy here.

Time has passed, and I'm still the same. Still wandering. Still writing. Still (and always) looking for the joy.

How are you?

Is it sunny where you are? Are you snug by a fire or are the bees making paths through the flowers by your ears?

I wonder how it is for you, in all your places. I hope you have been truly well.

I have more to say…but for now, it's just a warm and heartfelt




  1. Hello, dear Helena! It's hot and sticky here, with apples ripening on the trees, raspberries scenting the air with their sharp sweetness, and tough, dirty feet running over lush grass and hard stones alike. Sending you love.

    1. Hello, Nikole! What a wonderful picture you just gave me. Just beautiful.
      Thank you for the love. Sending you much love right back.

  2. Hello! So good to see you back here :-) We'll take whatever you can give us! (and maybe you will inspire me to say "hello" on my own neglected blog).

    Oh, and since you ask, it's briskly, frostily sunny here - although I am now longing for the heat of summer. We have been going through a bit of stuff too - stuff that's not easy to write about and so it remains unwritten. Difficult stuff, this blogging. But hello indeed!

    1. Thank you and hello, Ingrid! Brisk and frosty, you say? I hope you're doing okay, in this weather, and with your stuff. Thinking of you, and sending a big hug.

  3. hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (waving wildly!!!) i was recently thinking of you, and how glad i am to see you here...let's see. today is brimming with birdsong, duff-covered paths winding past ferns and raspberries, limbs down to clamber over from last night's storm, which has cooled wisconsin air off so nicely for our visit. there might be some swimming in our near future, though the lake will be COLD! love to you - you've been missed!

    1. Hello, Debbie! Sorry it took me four months to get back to you. :) Things have been mad here—challenging, impossible, strange—and we have been working our way through it all as best we can.

      But I want you to know I LOVE these words of yours. I love what your day was brimming with back in August. It sounds SO beautiful. I am guessing today is different again. Thank you so much for your lovely, gorgeous response so many months ago :)


I love hearing from you! Thank you for your heartfelt, thoughtful responses—they lift me, and give me light.