Wednesday, March 23, 2011

after the rain

day after drenching day of it

and after the front yard flooding
which made my girl ask, Are we safe? because right now the world seems kind of wobbly…

and after days spent indoors,
story writing and art making and reading and playing games of mancala

(the whole family around the table playing a gorgeous wood-carved version

 and the version made by my boy)

and after days where dishes of hot, fresh apple crumble 
were just what we needed…

the sun came out,
and did this to the clothes.

And then…?

Our after-dinner,

twilight walks 

came back…

perhaps the last ones of the summer.

Ah. They have been the most precious part of summer for me.

So many nights we have walked
through the park

or by the sea

in light that seemed to float, 

and hold us suspended there.

These walks have been a time of reflection
and observance
and inspiration

where we've said…
look at the light!
those clouds!

c'mon, dog!

where the kids have talked and played and imagined non-stop
and my husband and I have walked arm in arm, or hand in hand, deep in conversation about life, the universe, and education… :)

and where 
the light 
has slid down off the mountain, rolled around for one last play,

swept us up in its arms
for a long, delicious hug,

left us there,

until tomorrow. 

I am so thankful for it.

For the floating, 
dancing light,

And for

the clear, clean feeling that comes

every time I let the light inside.


  1. It is all about letting the light inside isn't it? Even in darkness, we can let the light in. I love that imagery.

  2. I have so enjoyed reading all your posts about summer in Oz...can't wait to read the ones about Fall and Winter there. You are so educational. ;)

  3. Love that long shadow picture on the beach!! Just lovely.

    And let's let all the lights shine, by all means.

  4. So happy to hear the rain has gone by and that you are now enjoying evening walks by the beach. Enjoy the end of your summer.

    I don't think I have ever seen clothes steaming on the line, incredible!

  5. Thank you, Jessica! I'm so glad this resonated with you. (And soon the twilight will dance over to hug you too—it's almost night there…)

    Thank you, Karen—I love being educational and all :) Our fall and winters aren't nearly as spectacular as yours. No snow, no falling leaves! But I'll think of something…

    Stephanie, thank you! I love that pic too. Love the light, and how you let it into your house (and life) as well. :)

    And thanks, Andrea! I've never seen it happen before either. It was awesome.

    And if anyone was wondering what clothes were doing still on the line after days of rain… ? Well…… um…… they were hanging there when the rain started, and we figured we'd wait and bring them in when the rain stopped… um, 4 days later. Yes. That sounds perfectly reasonable! (Do you think they're dry yet? Maybe I should go check)

  6. Fantastic pictures! I especially love the one of the washing! LOL! How amazing is it though? Love love love it! Hugs and smoochies lovely! mwah xoxoxox

  7. Was thinking about you in the rain! Glad you are OK. Love the photos and the comment about letting the light in. Reminds me of Leonard Cohen's "Anthem" -
    Ring the bells that still can ring
    Forget your perfect offering
    There is a crack in everything
    That's how the light gets in.

    That song resonated with me when DS was going through a tough time at school last year and we were thinking about making the leap to homeschooling. Homeschooling is my crack and the light is indeed coming in. You express it so well! Thankyou.


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