Sunday, March 20, 2011

how to make something awesome

Today's Art Lesson

is brought to you by a Highly Regarded Guest Artist 

who goes by the name of Squibs.

He is going to teach you all about 
and how to make them.

I hope you're ready! 

"Good morning class. My name is Mr. Squibs. 
Today I'm going to show you how to make a Dragon Flag.

"First you get some black cotton material. Then you cut it to look like a flag. Like this."

note: scissors are not to scale
The flag is MUCH larger than the scissors!

"Then you get out your trusty roll of contact."

"Cut out a square of contact. Draw the outline of your dragon onto the contact. 

(If you draw on the smooth plastic side you need to use a pen, but when you cut the shape out and stick it down the picture won't be reversed. 
If you draw on the paper side, you only need to use pencil, but the picture will be reversed.)"

"Then cut out your dragon

and stick it onto the flag.

"Then get your art teacher to take it home and spray it magically with bleach."

"When it dries, peel off the contact, and voila! There's your dragon flag."

dragon flag by Squibs
aka My Boy

dragon flag by Kitty
aka My Girl

Thank you, Squibs, 
for the instructions and excellent illustrations*!

Please come and teach us again!

(Thank you also to
our much-loved art teacher
who we've been coming to for art classes now for 5 years,
taught Squibs to make the flags
…so that he could teach you!)

Today's post is linked to Stephanie's

Come check it out (and join in), if you like!

*All drawings done by my boy on Paintbrush
Which rocks, and is free! :)


  1. Very, very cool!! Awesome idea.

  2. Hi there Helena. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog ( Your comment made me stop and think how much these tiny moments really are so special. They grow up so quickly so I am going to enjoy every little cuddle in bed I can. Jade x

  3. Helena,

    I wanted you to know that after a few days of 60 degree weather we are getting hit with a cold blast! I am looking out my window at the snow falling which could make me sad....BUT....on my stove is a simmering pot of your lentil bolognese! It smells divine! I am really looking forward to dinner tonight!


  4. I love the dragon flag! What an amazing idea. We will have to try that. Tell Mr. Squibs he is a great teacher. ;) Must take after his Mum ;)


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