Thursday, March 24, 2011

in his element

My boy loves music

so much so
that I think if you looked at his dna—

at the twist and whirl of it—

you'd simply find 



He can't stop humming, tapping, trying

figuring, listening, asking

learning, loving.

It's the thing he loves to do with his dad

(and what could be better than having your dad be the band teacher,

like, the coolest band teacher of all time?),

and it's the thing

he simply loves to do.

Whether it's a band rehearsal, a lesson,

a concert

 a performance,

a workshop

or just a jam session on a rainy Saturday with a bunch of kids
who love music as much as he does,

it's all bliss to him.

It's where his friends are and friendships are forming

where, at ten years old he's as much at ease 
with the 18 year olds as the 9 year olds

because, you know,

they speak the same language.

The other day 
my boy told me he wanted to be a percussionist when he grows up

(as well as a writer, inventor, artist, and architect living in Italy!)

but I know he's this already…

already a musician,

because it's obvious;

 it's what he breathes and thinks and feels and is.

It's beautiful, just for me, 
to see him inside his music,
in his element,

but today he got to share a bit of this true self
with a whole bunch of other people,

because today,

 my boy was on the radio!

He went on with his dad ,
who'd been invited into the station to talk about New Orleans Jazz 
and something called 2nd line drumming. 

My boy was there 
to play the drums live on air. 

Which he did, and nailed it!

First he played a clave rhythm with one hand while shaking a shaker with the other.

Then he played this totally complicated New Orleans groove,

while accompanying his dad (on bass drum)
and the radio host 
(who played ukelele and sang!)

without missing a beat.

Afterwards, my husband said,

"He was so cool. It was just another day for him, playing music. 
Wasn't nervous at all. But I was!"

I sat at home listening with my girl.

I couldn't get the grin off my face.

Felt like I was soaring.

Which is how I imagine my boy must feel

when he plays

and lives inside the thing

he loves.


  1. I can feel your smile and it is so lovely! How amazing that he has this passion and that you are in full support of it. We recently started hanging out in a very cool music store while my 10 year-old son takes guitar lessons. You are right about the people in music who talk music and not in age brackets, it is so refreshing.

  2. Music knows no boundaries. I wish my Grace could meet him. Like him music is in her blood too. She plays the piano so often that I need to get it moved into our back room so she can have a dedicated space. I am also going to take her to the piano store to buy a new light (and let her try out the baby grands!) My dream would be for her to someday have one.....

    Your joy, pride and love shines through in this post. I could feel it. It was a beautiful way to start my day!

  3. Yay for your baby!

    Still: I LOVE that hat he wears! Clearly, such a cool kid.

  4. ::clapping for your boy::
    This is just so exciting! I can feel your joy and pride shining through. and on the radio??? How super cool. Were you able to get a recording of it? Post it!!! [grins]

    This is how Kei feels about the theatre and singing. So..we have your boy on drums, Grace on the piano, Andrea's son on guitar and Kei singing... The Homeskool Crew. ;)


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