Friday, March 18, 2011

it got better

After discovering yesterday morning that our kitten had happily been peeing for days in a box of precious memories (kids' art, handmade little books, cards, letters),

and having spent the morning trying to find one unruined special thing we could keep
(and putting the ruined things aside to possibly be scanned,
so they could live another life as an electronic record instead of a much-cherished piece of original art),

we decided to take the rest of the day off.

It was a beautiful day, and we decided to go OUT. 

Out to lunch in a cafe by the sea. 

Out for a long long walk past the harbour

towards a lighthouse,

along undiscovered paths,

and past undiscovered pillars,

to where cannons waited and wanted to be climbed

and toys longed to fly.


Afterwards and at night, the kids said, "It turned into a good day, Mum!"
"Yes," I said (thinking the day had in fact turned glorious and full of smiles), "Howabout that! It did."

Then today at breakfast

the kitten jumped up on the table just as we began to eat our cereal.

As she was gently pushed off, she clawed the place mat,
and pulled my girl's placemat, entire bowl of cereal and whole glass of water onto her lap, her arms, her legs, and the floor.


Deep breath, deep breath; get the dog to come and eat the cereal, get the girl into the shower, find new clothes for her to wear, mop up the water, dry the table, clean the floor, throw out my own now soggy cereal, and

start again.

And reboot. 

How did we do that?

With writers workshop. With 20 beautiful young people. All coming, ready and bright-eyed, bringing stories and ideas to share, talking and laughing and supporting and writing, writing, writing…

And after a week that was

totally Kitten Crazy,

writers workshop blissed me out.

It made me choke up too. Like I was eyes-welling-up, finding-it-hard-to-talk

teary happy.

Because these kids… these kids … they are extraordinary.

They make my heart full.

In fact, I think anyone who gets to sit and listen to kids sharing the

deepest, most creative, insightful and sincere parts of themselves,

is one of the luckiest people on earth.

I got to be that lucky person today.

Plus I laughed and smiled so hard my face hurt.


when I got back home

nothing had wee where wee shouldn't be,

and lentil bolognese happened,

and my boy and my husband found and watched dozens of youtube videos of jazz drummers,

and my girl read peacefully at her desk,

and it was time for bed.

And I got to sit here

and write these words…

and show you

this photo I found…

Which is, I think, one of my favourite photos of all time.


you see?

It got better.

It really did.



  1. Cat pee is so disgusting - my sympathies.

    Lentil Bolognese, huh? Did you drop biscuit dough on it? (actually, it sounds good - I like lentils. There would be a revolt around here if I tried it, though. My husband was apparently forever scarred by a brief foray into vegetarianism that resulted in my making something called Lentil Loaf. It's been 15 years since I made it, and he STILL brings it up to me. It was, in fact, quite hideous.)

  2. While the cat pee was a horrible thing and I know it made you sad, the rest of your day was one of those many days you write about that I would LOVE Kei and I to come along with you on. I can just see our girls together..just visualize it. They would have such fun. Kei loves lighthouses and has never actually seen a real one.

    Love the toy flying too! That just made me grin from ear to ear.

  3. Cat pee, shmat pee—we will not be defeated!

    Deb, I think a bad lentil experience must be replaced by a Mighty and Delicious Lentil Experience! I must post my recipe. Seriously, our lentil bolognese is our favourite meal. Lentil Loaf does not sound so special. My sympathies to you and your husband!

    And I know what you mean, Karen! I know Kei and my two would be best buds. I'd love her to see our lighthouse. Plus then I'd take you guys to two other lighthouses I love, one in Sydney and one on the South Coast. Yeah. That would be great. I'm totally visualising it, so that it happens one day!

  4. I LOVE this post! I think I say that alot in the comment box, but I can't think of any other words to say that would justify how I feel about reading how your days turned out.
    You have a beautiful life!

  5. And your little kitten is teaching you all the gift of patience. Bless her little heart. :-) Glad things got better as the day went one. Hugs xoxo


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