Sunday, March 13, 2016

a new blog home and a heartfelt thank you

Hello to all the beautiful people who visit and have visited this blog for the the past six years. I have had this blog for so long…it has been a wonderful little home for me. I have made lifelong friendships because of it. I have felt supported and heard and loved by everyone who has read my posts, left comments, and let me know in real life what my words have meant to them. Thank you so much for all your words of encouragement and love. I am so grateful.

In this blog, I wrote my discoveries about parenting and homeschooling. I documented the simple days of my life, my struggles and my celebrations. I wrote about loss and about dealing with serious clinical depression. And I wrote about finding the joy, holding onto it when you find it.

I love this blog and all the growth and hope and joy it represents. Now, I am ready to move into a new space, one that shows my new journeys, as a writer and a creative writing mentor, and yes, as a mother and a dreamer looking always for light.

I hope you might join me in my new space? You can find me at It would be really lovely to see you there. I promise there will be a lot of photos of the ocean, as the sea is my oxygen, and I love to share what helps me breathe.

Much love to you all!