Sunday, July 22, 2012

month of beauty: Insta-Days and Finished Jobs

A boy and his Instagram

A man and his…

A mama and hers


a cosy spot for a cosy boy

a space left clear for a Tuss :)

old tv relegated to the corner…
brought out only for dvd night

a girl's kitten and a girl's art
(on an art table that has finally been cleared for art!)

room for everything

nothing's too colourful for this room!

lots of bookshelves and a spot for a sister's painting

more colourful nooks

room to read
with lamps in corners

clear surfaces
and a cat reflected

storage and space…ah.

there's always time for laughter!

an artist and her friend

 Job's done!

A few boxes still need to be sorted
(and other rooms are now yelling very loudly to be organised),
but our main living and learning space is now complete. 

Contented sigh!

As for Before pics… um, I really didn't take any. 


(I took a couple, but they didn't capture the state of the carpet, or the piled up Everything, or how all the Stuff suddenly felt like it was about to topple over, bury me, and leave me to dig my way out with a spoon)

I just wanted to sort it all out, and Before always looked too frustrating to capture.

So, Deb, I'm posting this only one, for you :)

ClutterPic from here

I swear, that's exactly what it looked like!

Here's hoping you find some space of your own to breathe,

on this beautiful day.


  1. Aw, this is fantastic! I love how you have so thoughtfully set up the space. So much happy color. I've been feeling the need to rearrange stuff in our place. We don't have tons of space so it's tricky (a puzzle, more like it), but this is inspiring. Thank you and enjoy your "new" environment!

  2. Job well done! Loving the Instagrams too :-)

  3. No picture? *tsk*

    Looks great, and I'll bet it feels even better.

  4. I love your spaces. They are beautiful and now I know exactly what to picture in my mind when I imagine you and your darling kiddos working and learning and drawing. Beautiful. I love that bookshelf...the white one? Is that IKEA?


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