Saturday, July 21, 2012

month of beauty: down time

After a busy, busy week,

today my girl and I stayed in our jammies the entire day.

My husband napped after lunch,

and my boy read for hours in bed!

Cats were cuddled,

and a house was s l o w l y worked on (doing the last fiddly bits of our major re-organise. Finding a spot for a single piece of paper takes way longer than putting together an IKEA shelf. This is not an opinion—it is scientific fact!).

Apple banana porridge was yummed up for breakfast,

and a roasted pumpkin and spinach risotto was slowly concocted for dinner (imagine the smell of roasted garlic wafting up your nostrils right about now).

The day wasn't all lazy—my girl researched and wrote some of an essay that's due this weekend, for her "job" as a Young Editor for Youngzine. It's hard work, and she's a trooper for sticking it out. I'm pretty sure she's the youngest of all the kids in the Young Editors program, and I'm really, really proud of her.

Then there was clay modelling

while I read the news…

(and my thoughts go out, to those struggling to find peace today).

And there was more reading and playing and watching G-Force and kids being kids and grown-ups taking some much needed down time…


Instagram was discovered.

taken by my girl

taken by my girl

another corner done!

note to self: don't do 70's effect on risotto ever again.
Not sure people can handle all that yellow :)

I hope wherever you are,

you feel the peace I'm sending out,

with love,
with love. 


  1. I love me a pj day! How good is instagram??? I love that shot of the kitten(?) sleeping. Your room looks like it's coming along.

    Mmm - yes the risotto was better than that, I'm sure of it!

    Peace out baby!

  2. We love pj days! Especially in the winter. :) We have that exact same wooden model! And Instagram... LOVE IT. Find us..Homeschoolgirls and KeileeT


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