Thursday, July 12, 2012

month of beauty: feeling deeper

Today felt… kind of ragged

kind of like I wasn't on top of everything

and perhaps that's because the house is upside down and upside down makes for chaos and opens the door sometimes to worry and to the feeling that you are racing towards a finish line that keeps ducking, weaving, hiding behind trees.

Today I felt…more.

I felt things Deeper.

Today I missed Jennifer.

Today, music crept in and tucked itself into my corners

and, so, I spent the day listening.

Tapping my feet and sinking into sound (in the art gallery as I waited for my girl to finish her art workshop),

creaking a little inside with sorrow (as I sang in the shower),

and singing at the top of my lungs (at the computer in the living room) as my husband made another amazing dinner.

I felt better and bigger and sadder and joyful-er and deeper and more all day.

I just came home from book club,
where my friend played music the whole night,

and the whole night I kept interrupting what people were saying with, "Oh! I love this!" and "Oh! I remember listening to this when I was young!" and "Oh! This is from that movie!"

(And no, of course that wasn't at all distracting to the women trying to talk about a book!)

The last song I really heard was this:

I had to blink really, really hard

chew on my lip

and concentrate

so that I didn't totally cry, right there, in front of 5 women,

for a reason I probably could not have explained.

It's a beautiful, beautiful song.

It captures the whole day and how I felt and all the rawness and the sorrow and the joy

the joy of sound

and the joy of simply being here,

the joy of being able to listen, able to feel, able to sit here right now, in this moment, and write about the beauty I found.


  1. Beautiful post my and love make everything else alright for another day. Oh and Simon and Garfunkel, they have that effect too don't they...
    much love Helena

  2. I know days like this. I have days like this. Where every song I hear makes me feel so melancholy and sad. I have felt like that a lot lately for some reason. Simon and Garfunkel have beautiful songs don't they? Hugs and love Helena.


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