Wednesday, July 25, 2012

month of beauty: busy

The days are so busy!

Busy with writing (a girl working on a Youngzine essay all weekend, and her mama helping),

busy with music (a boy having a gig this Saturday plus classes and combos through the week),

busy with art (water colouring every day, and art class tomorrow),

busy with more writing (running two writers workshops this week, on back-to-back days),

busy with drama (a new homeschool drama workshop starting tomorrow, run by me and two very cool teenagers!),

busy with tennis lessons (starting back up again because the kids asked and asked),

busy with homeschool groups (going to two now, with such lovely people),

busy with special workshops (like driving two and a half hours this Friday to do a picture book workshop with one of my favourite writers and illustrators, Tohby Riddle. Weee!),

busy with cooking (yummy dinners made by my husband or I every night),

busy with cleaning (wow, I sure make a mess when I cook)

busy with sorting (finishing up a really full-on house reorganise), and

busy with circus (juggling class tomorrow and the beginning of a new adventure for my boy: an advanced circus class on Saturday!).

Plus, (plus!),

we're busy with cuddles

busy with dog pats
and cat-belly kisses

busy with talking (about worries and ideas and plans and joy)

busy with being together and

busy with doing things we love.

Busy with not worrying.

Busy with letting Busy be nothing more than

lots of activities that we seek to do and truly enjoy.

Busy with letting go emotionally,
of things that are hard or
the things I can't control.

Busy not doing some things, even though they sound fun!

Busy realising it's okay to say No,
and to create boundaries.

Busy with not being attached
to how things might turn out.

Busy with noticing how calm I feel
most days.

Busy observing how worry and fear hardly have a hold on me,

instead they scurry along beside me wondering why I don't pick them up any more.

Busy today is different

from the Busy I used to know.

When the Busy could overwhelm and bring me down.

Now, it hasn't the power.

Now, I don't give it the power.

Busy is simply a word.

And Busy can be so beautiful.



  1. Love your busy. I am so excited to read more about your drama group. Oh I wish we could come sit in with your group and Keilee play with your kids and you and I just talk and talk and laugh and smile and talk some more.

  2. "...instead they scurry along beside me wondering why I don't pick them up any more"
    Such a wonderful image - I am sure I have a herd of exiled animals scampering along beside me wondering what has changed and why they can't live in my head anymore. Sorry guys, there ain't no room since rising consciousness, awareness, presence (or whatever these words point to) took up residence.
    PS Love your words this month Helena - inspirational!

  3. Oh you couldn't have said it better! Life has the opportunity to overwhelm you (it certainly is trying to overwhelm me this week). But how lovely you are doing lovely things with lovely kids that you love. Makes busy cope-able (is that a word?).


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