Tuesday, May 10, 2011

wintery thoughts

It's getting COLD here. Just like that, winter's here. Our sort of winter anyway. The kind where you can be in a t-shirt walking to the shops during the day, then bundled up in jackets and leaning against a chill wind the moment the sun sets.

I feel the change of seasons and have begun to make winter plans.

I sure don't intend for us to hibernate!

I plan…

to build a winter garden

to walk everywhere, bundled up and beanied if we have to be

to catch buses to unknown destinations!

to walk the dog with friends

to climb the dunes at the beach, even if it makes our noses run in the cold

to fly kites (well, to buy kites, then fly them)

to make lots and lots of hot chocolates

to go to the library, even Often-er than before

to visit for whole days with friends,
just letting time go by

to go by train to the big smoke

and see art galleries and look up at the skyscrapers

to leave the learning to life and flow

and not force it when the sky is grey and motivation is missing

to live!

to skip in whatever sun we have, whether it's weak and watery or
blazing in a wind-whipped sky

to enjoy this new time…

with every thing

we have in us.

this time last year…



  1. Is it okay for your husband to post comment? If so, then I'd like to say that you are spectacular and I love you very much. (I hope that there are no typos, miss-spellings, or gramatical errors in my post.) I love your post and am looking forward to this season with my beautiful family.

  2. The turning of seasons always brings with us a new energy - a sense of renewal or of closure. I love the transition time they bring. Just as you are hunkering down, we are shedding our layers!

  3. I love your husband's comment! You are very blessed to have such a wonderful family Helena. I can not wait to see your winter unfold as my summer is unfolding. I can't wait to see your Oz in the winter.

  4. I loved this Helena. So full of optimism and promise. And your husband's comment brought such an added smile, too. Thinking of you as your season changes :)!!

  5. Let us know when you come to the big smoke!

  6. So interesting that we are headed in opposite directions. Such a good reminder of the natural contraction and expansion of life, how complimentary we all are. Something to think about and expand on, for sure. Quite lovely.

  7. Awww @ your husband's comment, and he he he that he stresses about spelling and grammar!

    Winter is upon us too - I LOVE going to the beach in winter! Noone there, all windswept and Storm Boy-ish.

    We had our first hot chocolate today too! Great minds!

  8. Such a good idea to have some things in mind for winter. Otherwise I know I would curl up in a ball and wait for warmer weather. The beach has its own special beauty in winter and an added advantage- you practically have it to yourself!
    Enjoy your winter with your family, Helena!


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