Sunday, May 15, 2011

a perfect day really

Say you're alive. 

Say the sun is out. And music is in the air.

Say the world is calling you.

Say you have a girl and a boy and a husband, 
who make your insides shiver with how much you love them.

Say you have a dog

and say there are many other dogs

getting together for a walk in a park

to raise money for the RSPCA.

You put this all together, and 

what do you have?

Well, a perfect day really…

 A girl and a mum 
and a dog 
walking with a thousand others

(some on two feet,
some on four
and some in little buggies because 
they were too old
or too young to walk),

a boy and a dad
(and their friends)

played music for them all.

Then say you're still up for adventure.

Say you need icecream!

and more sunshine!

and trees!

and you need to jump,

(oh, you really really do)

What do you do?

Well, you make an already perfect day…




  1. Aaahhhh.....dogs, kids and ice cream! It just does not get any better than that! You have achieved the perfect day. Congratulations!

  2. My goodness I was all set to comment on your post yesterday and you're already perambulating with another wonderful post today :). I am so enjoying following your days with you!

  3. I LOVE the picture of your husband jumping!! I think he and my husband would get along fabulously!

    Sounds like a wonderful day. Things to do with raising money for animals has a big place in my heart! Sounds like a perfect day!

  4. What a wonderful day...I would say it could not get much more perfecter!

    I love the pic of your hubby jumping too! And your dog is adorable and how Kei and I would have loved to walked along with you and your girl with our crazy Nomad but of course he would have been going crazy and pulling us along. I think your boy is so lucky to have a Dad that not only supports his dreams but is PART of them. I love the fact that they make music together. :)

  5. I love perfect-er! What a beautiful place you live. And a cute dog!

  6. What a fabulous day! My dog would go a bit too demented with all those other dogs about, so we took the kids and dog down to Bateman's Bay for a bike ride (and a walk for me and the dog). Lovely sunshiny day!

    How fabulous that your son and husband have such good interests together.

    And ice-cream too! Yay.

  7. Looks super fun!! It would be a bit too adventurous with our lovely dog, but it still looks like loads of fun! :)

  8. What a fun day! :-) Thanks for sharing at Outdoor Play - hope to see you again this week!


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