Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This, here, is our life.

Every single day.

Creating! Dreaming! Wondering!

Always in a floating other-world
of art, music, words.


at our heart—

our Creative selves.

I think it comes down

to a single word:

It's the core and blood and depth of us.

It is the True of Us. The Us of us.

I think we'd be lost without it.  :)


Today, at sunset

my girl and I went walking

with the dog, of course, and he bounded and we?

Well, we looked up

and saw the birds dancing in the sky.

We sat and watched them
and the dog lay his old self down beside us to wait
(thinking, what sort of walk is this?)

And my girl said, They are so lucky. 

Later, I sat here and found a film of birds

to show and share

(and see? this is how it looked, a little and a lot, just like ribbons and dancing souls)

While at the same time,

(and while my boy sat with a kitten on his lap, reading poetry to us out loud)

my girl wrote a poem 
about the birds we had seen in the sky.

Here 'tis:


in the early night sky
sunset colours flash
and birds circle
and swoop and sing
the night-time song.

for the True, the Deep, the Us of us, 
I am grateful.

I am 



  1. I love how you find the joy in every single day. It is inspirational. Thank you for the reminder that in order to find the joy we first must imagine.

  2. I loved that you shared with us, the audio and the visual of your life! In fact I did something totally fun and amazing. My daughter and I listened to your family play jazz WHILE watching the birds dance in the sky! it was a little awesome... Thank you so much, Helena!

  3. Thank you SO much, Jessica. That means a whole lot to hear. Really, truly, and absolutely :)

    And mamak, that's just fantastic! Now I'm curious—did you watch both videos at once (somehow), or did you watch my boy playing while you were outside watching your very own birds? Either way, it makes my heart feel full, that you had that experience. Beautiful.

  4. All of this was so magical Helena, and the birds-- oh my goodness, I have never seen anything like that before--like fish in the ocean--they ARE dancing!!! And you are so right, without the creative, without the imagination, there would be no magic. Thank you for another beautiful, joyful post :).
    P.S. I believe my hubs is going to tweet your birds clip.

  5. MJ, thank you! I would love to take credit for that clip, but it's not mine. It belongs to someone who filmed birds swooping about in Rome. Our birds looked just as beautiful, though, I think. I will bring my camera along next time, and film some beauty from this side of the puddle :)

  6. What a perfect day Helena! I love your boy and hubby playing! Kei and I woke up and listened to them playing. What a great start to our day. Love the birds! I have never seen anything like this.

    Your days inspire me so.

  7. Beautiful as always. Isn't it amazing to be free to just live and be and do what we love to do at this very moment? Perfect. So many possibilities.

  8. Helena, I clicked on your music looked and listened, left it playing and scrolled down to the birds clicked on that as well, both were playing and we had an awesome music soundtrack to the bird dance. Try it!

  9. What a lovely poem! I adore the bird flocks. They are AMAZING. Like fish in the water but without the, you know, water. Or fish.

    Do you know that your blog name will not stick in my head? I had to search for it by your name (capital of Montana, and all) and look through old comments to find you. I am off to repeat "loving to learn. Loving to Learn. Loving to Learn." so that this doesn't happen again.

    Who knows? Maybe I'll even begin to love to learn?


I love hearing from you! Thank you for your heartfelt, thoughtful responses—they lift me, and give me light.