Friday, July 8, 2011

yes to life!

Sun is shining!

Sky is blue!

Birds are singing (I'm certain, even though I can't hear them) in the trees. Grass is green, right here (not just on the other side :) ). It's not cold, it's not hot, it's Just Right.

And life is sweet.

How can it not be, when there's been a bike ride (already!) and now there'll be lunch (I hope someone makes it for me) and the kids are bouncing (up and down and up and down the stairs, telling me everything the cat and kitten are doing, "Mum! The kitten just jumped on the cat! Mum! The cat was licking something in the sink!").

And we're off on another adventure in a couple of hours,

on this sunshiney day, with, I swear, not a single cloud in the sky.

Tonight I have a date. A real date, in Sydney! With nice clothes on  (I bought some yesterday for that very purpose. It was my first clothes shopping trip in um, a really really long time), and food out, a handsome fellow by my side, gorgeous music at the Opera House, and a stay overnight in a part of Sydney I love (in Glebe, for those who want to know).

And the kids are having their very first ever sleepover at their Nana's place in Sydney, and are so excited they're like squeaky toys. Or maybe like those toys that won't stop singing. Or those toys that make you smile just by seeing them.

My cup is running over, spilling, splashing, bubbling, grinning.

But can I tell you one more decadent thing?

We had a date last night too. (Thanks to the most wonderful Nana there ever was, kid-sitting twice in two days).

We saw these three women (together called Seeker Lover Keeper), singing lush harmonies, smiling at each other, just golden with the joy they felt, sharing themselves in a dark room, surrounded by a hundred listening souls. It was a delicious concert, like chocolate pie or maybe a mango sorbet, or something the kids made for your birthday.

And tonight we're doing it again, only with jazz. With perhaps a little less smiling, more intense blowing of saxophones, and intricate melodies spiralling out like an Escher print. I can't wait.

I don't think life can get better than this. Right now. Four people going on their own, particular, glorious adventures, together and independently, seizing the day (and hugging it), taking life with both hands, taking off into the Wild Blue.

Do you see us? We are the four jetstreams, printed fuzzily, dizzily, on the paper of the sky.


do you see us?

There he is, there she is, there he is, and

here I




  1. Oh, that sounds so fabulous! I know what you mean about clothes husband and I have been out together without kids for a total of 2 hours for dinner once in eight years. Looks crazy when I type that (out loud?) but that is how life happens. :) I used to sing opera - Chicago has a fabulous opera and the nights are magical. I can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Enjoy your trip to Sydney! Glad life is treating you well :-)

  3. Oh Helena, Have a lovely beautiful magical evening (I know you will) What fun, something to dress up for :)

  4. What a great night! I know you had such fun and I am about to head up there [points up] and read all about it. Two dates nights in a row!! Lucky girl. And I see those 4 beautiful jet-streams all the way from Alabama.

  5. Oh so happy for you and all your joy!!! I hope your 2nd evening was just as magical as the first!!


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