Tuesday, July 5, 2011

where Yes brings you

Shall we go to the beach today?

Why, yes, I think, we shall…

You want to meet some friends there for a picnic and a walk and a play with the dogs?

Oh, yes!

I do!

and I do,

and I do,

and I do.

Now you are here…

would you like to pause…
and watch the light, see how it fills you…
and breathe the space in…?

Yes, please.

And then?

Well, after whole lot of playing and eating and walking and dune climbing and twig-house building…
it's getting late, and a bit cold. And, Oh. It's time to go home.

So we begin the walk back to the carpark and see this here,
a poor lost thing.

Whatever should we do?

Claim it,
of course!

And, well, do you think we should walk it a little, so it feels less lonely?

Yes, that would make it happy, wethinks.

And then, 
shall we take it to the carpark where perhaps it can be found and taken home to its family? 

Yes, of course, of course.   (and imagine the tears! The smiles, the hugs, the where-were-yous, and thank god you're home and the smiling policeman with his hat in his hand)

But then the thought comes to us all…

we can't leave it here. It's getting cold, and dark. This is not the place to leave an Innocent who has lost its way! 

Shouldn't we be the ones to bring it home? Shouldn't we do the right thing by this forsaken trolley and take it back? 

Which is when one bright young thing says, "And then we can claim the reward!"

Ah, yes, the reward. Four pairs of young eyes gleam.

The grown-ups have a think. Could we tow it? Nup. Can it fit in the back of the van? It would be a squeeze and where would the dog go? Hmmm. It's a really long way to walk. None of us have ever done a thing like this. But, look at their faces. We all turn and see the joy waiting to burst out, 

and my friend (who thinks Yes with every bit and breath of her and I love her for it) says, 

I think they should get to walk it back. Don't you?

Well, how could anyone say No? When the afternoon is clearly itching for adventure, when Yes is just lifting itself up with the most immense flapping of wings…?

So, we say, Would you like to walk this little fellow home, then? 

Why, Yes! chant the children. We would!!!

So they do. 

While two grown-ups drive two cars, plus a bit-too-small-for-a-big-walk girl, and two dogs to the supermarket to wait
(almost 3 kilometres away),

the rest of us 

embark on a magnificent, 
transcendent Adventure.

Jobs now self-assigned,
you see before you: Pushing, Left Pulling and Right Pulling.
Working beautifully together!

almost there…!

And when we arrive,

sweaty, grinning from ear to ear,
just bounding inside and out?

It feels the way Yes should always feel.

We did get a reward (Twenty bucks! We're rich!) 

But you know I don't think it was the money.

The reward for a life lived (as much as you can! as much as your heart can stand!) in Yes,

looks like



  1. Helena,
    I absolutely love when yes takes us in unexpected directions, on spontaneous adventures. I love seeing how it plays out in your life too :)

  2. Helena may I come live with you and have adventures such as this?

    This is AWESOME. I am about to call Kei in here and read it to her. She will love your adventure too!

  3. What a lovely story !! And I love all the "yeses"!!! What doors they open!! Oh and the stories that cart would tell if it could, and I bet it said thank you many times over :).

  4. Cool! I am loving all those positive Yes's.

  5. I love beach. I miss beach. Big sky. Water. That smell of salty sea. Sand in the toes. Ouch! Beautiful life/.

  6. Wow! That was awesome! I am so glad lonely cart was reunited with it's home! You are good people!

  7. gorgeous adventurous souls rescuing the innocent :-)

    love it.


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