Sunday, July 17, 2011

between moons

As we drove home we saw

there, over the ocean,

the moon full to overflowing.

There! we pointed. Look! we said.

And the ocean below glowed silver.

Silver and black ('cause of the clouds floating dreamily, clumpily 'cross the sky). Boats dotted the sea like pushpins, and we could see for miles.

And all around us was the night, the whoosh of the car on the road bends, the bright dots of our town in the distance, the kids happy and chattering, and the silver


Another moon. Another turn of the earth and the passing of time.

Made me think.

Of the things I have loved between full moons.

Things not yet written about,
things that made me smile,
things that made me sing inside,
lit me all the way through,
things lived and loved by me and those I love.

Fine moments where I


And noticed,

here, and here, and here.

Just how extraordinary this all is.


where one world pulsed 
under another

we found
 a new way to see

lay stillness 
light, and

was a girl's new, found-at-the-markets and loved! golden coat

my girl said
Look, Mum. Isn't it amazing?

the sun shone brilliantly, blindingly 
as the rain came down

two firemen worked out inside a Sydney firehouse.
One on a bike, one running,
talking back and forth
as we walked past. 
The night was so still.
They didn't know we were there, watching them
live their private moment 
as we lived ours. 

a boy
gathered flowers

was a winter walk
beside the sea

Walk and sea: two things I love so much I wrap myself 'round with them. 
I say, I will love you always.)

and here… 
was a delicious fresh-from-the-garden salad lunch
with friends and…

(oh, I smiled and smiled!)

Between the moons were

resonating, inspiring words too. 

Written by many lovely friends, but 'specially for me this month, by 

MJ and


(If you can, and haven't already, please do read them. They are such fine words.)

And between the moons, 
just two days ago, I received

a book given by a person I didn't know, with a card saying my words had made a difference to her. I can't think of a more beautiful gift.

I was floored.

Between the moons were
firsts, too.

A new bike! Sleepover in Sydney without parents! Knitting learned! Science workshop without mum! New friends made! Old, dear friends choosing to travel into Homeschool land! Hooray!

So much delight.

And through it all,

as the moon made its journey and found its way back to


Was the laughter.

I don't know if I mentioned 
that this month. 

Laughing 'til we cried,

after we cried
(and there were tears. From both my children, plentiful, large, sometimes to the very depths—made my heart creak with wanting to protect, yet wanting them to feel wholly),  

making others laugh.

Finding something to smile about
in the smallest moments.

each time I felt myself 
rise and rise

grow bigger,
greater, and

'Til I was full and bright.

Between Moons
is going to be a series, I think.
Of things (Small or Big or Both!)
noticed and treasured.
I'd like to do it, each lunar month.
Perhaps, during this, or some future full moon, you might want to join me?


  1. Awesome, amazing photos!!! Seriously, you should enter this into a photo contest.

    I practice yoga and one of the things that is often talked about is the "space between breaths" and how to live in that space. It's a way of stopping to smell the roses. That is what I kept thinking of while reading this post.

    Beautiful, Helena!

  2. I agree with Theresa...beautiful photos, and beautiful words, as always :)
    Such a lovely idea to capture those things that you treasure each month. I think it's so important to remember to be grateful for the gifts in our lives, to notice what we have and savor it.

  3. Oh I'll be storing treasures for next month Helena. What a wonderful idea!
    Sometimes the little things we consider incidental are the things that make the most precious memories. I've discovered this while re-reading blog archives with my girls :)
    I love the gold coat :) It reminded me of a gold coat I bought and treasured as a child, it felt magical everytime I wore it!
    Thanks for the link love too!

  4. What a beautiful post. The words and the pictures. I love the coat. What a find!!! It is perfect for your girl. I love the way you always take time..for the things that are important.

    I have always loved to walk at night and see people in their houses living their lives. It has always been a magical time for me. Just a glimpse as I walk by. I would love to read more "Between Moons" post. Lovely idea.

  5. So much love and light in your words Helena. When you all laugh, i want to laugh with you. When you all smile I want to smile too. Your joy is infectious and I know that's part of why I love coming here. The other part is because you never fail to see the greatest things in the seemingly most ordinary moments. That is a gift. Oh and who learned to knit? You, your children? All perhaps. How wonderful! May it add richness to your already expansive lives!! And Between Moons sounds like a grand idea. I look forward to it :).
    Thank you for your kind words and link, too.
    much love to you friend
    xx oo


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