Saturday, July 9, 2011

music = Spirit

After two nights of concerts,

I feel filled with music.

Like someone opened the top of me, and poured the sound in.

last night's concert

After two nights of listening,
beside a man who lives, breathes and loves music…

After two days of laughter…

After two days and nights of 
adventure, love, and togetherness 
(with my three True Loves—man, girl and boy—
and my very own mum too)…

my husband pretending to be a dancing bird at the Australian Museum today… :)
my girl drawing (of course!) birds of paradise at the Australian Museum…
my boy reading about some serious carnivores…
my boy getting lunch at my favourite soup kitchen in Sydney (Betty's)…
my girl, just after she skipped up to me…
Last night.

…I can't stop 


And with music pressing at me from the inside out,

words are rising up too, wind whipped and whirling under my skin;

push at me with their little fingers. 

Write me, write me, write me

they whisper.

And I want to.

And I want to ride my bike and careen the biggest hills with no brakes.

Listen to music. Make music. 

Sing all day.

Skip and spin.

And grab at every minute of the time I have and the time that's coming and say,


And I wish I could share with you 
ALL the music I have been moved by…!

Music truly is the Spirit, dancing.


  1. What a beautiful post. It makes me want to go somewhere and sit on a blanket and listen to beautiful music. Hmmm I wonder if I could find such a place.

    Your words are like music Helena...always.

  2. Whilst not a musician, I couldn't imagine life without music. It's constantly in my head. What a lovely post (as usual) and I'm so glad you all had a fabulous time (been AGES since I went to the Aust. Museum - too long, I think!).

  3. Gorgeous!!! The sheer joy is just spilling over from this post!!! I wish I could watch the video but I guess it won't release here to the States? Regardless, thanks for sharing all your happiness with us!

  4. Oh, dang, MJ, you can't see the videos? This is not good! I wish you could—the Seeker Lover Keeper one has a little old man (a kind of famous Australian actor), dancing. He's sort of adorable.

    Thank you for your comment, though! Yes, the joy is spilling over a bit. Might have to write something solemn and serious next time to balance it out… :)

    And Ingi, and Karen, Thank you, too, for your words. Karen, I hope you find that blanket, and that music. (I can offer you our blanket and some jazz, if you guys want to fly on over? :) ). Ingi, we could meet up at the Museum one time. Wouldn't that be fun?


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