Thursday, July 14, 2011

just in case…

you didn't know how to use one of these… here is some help:

back of loo door,
local shops,
spotted yesterday

Never say I'm not here for you!

I am. I so utterly am. 


  1. lol! That is too funny!!!

    Thanks for being there, my feet were kinda wet ;-)

  2. So that's how the ladies room toilet seats always get wet! :) lol

  3. Helena, you just made me laugh out loud!! :D Thanks for being there!

  4. LOL!!! But, did you know, that's how my son does "no. 2's"? And did you know, it is apparently the way lots of people from different cultures do theirs as well? And did you know that it apparently "opens up" your pelvic floor and lets everything happen a bit easier. Just sharing my infinite knowledge on crap (literally and figuratively)!

  5. Heehee, nearly fell off my "seat"!
    Thanks for the giggle Helena. I needed that.
    So funny :D

  6. Glad to have made you all laugh! Though, I'm thinking, having read Ingi's very informative reply (SO much information, Ingi!), perhaps I came across as culturally Ignorant, and that would be deeply uncool of me. I would hate to be thought of as Deeply Uncool, so now I want you to know I tried above 'improper' position and…

    no. I didn't. Had you fooled there, for a minute! I know—funny!

    Though I am sure it is a perfectly lovely position.

  7. Bahahahaha! Don't worry Helena, in cultures where they use this position, they actually have what is more like a hole in the floor not a toilet to crouch on.

  8. When I visited China it took me the whole trip to get used to the "new" way of going.....I purposely would not drink all day so I could wait until we got back to the hotel. But I am proud to share I overcame my fear (I have never been a camping/go outside/kind a girl) and was quite proud of myself!

  9. This is hysterical! That position would only result in wet feet!!! LOLOL

    Jess, exactly how do they 'go' in China???

  10. Definitely many people in many parts of the world (eg Southeast Asia) do NOT get their feet wet by crouching. Even the French have loos like this. Usually, in a "loo" place with more than one loo, they put one raised up high (USA/Australian type) version for the odd foreigners to use. And from personal experience, it's much drier putting your feet alongside at the same level as the slightly raised loo than getting one's feet wet on a floor that is very damp from the water splashed from the buckets of water you tip into the loo after the event.
    Glad I have the opportunity of sharing this deep knowledge! Acquired as a new "whole" experience I could add.

  11. This post has taught me so much!

    Here are the things I've learned (not in any particular order):

    1. Posting a picture of someone standing on a loo will make people laugh.
    2. People in all sorts of cultures, and of all different ages, stand on loos to poop and pee.
    3. Post a picture of someone standing on a loo and people in the comments box will write about poop and pee. (They won't be able to help themselves!)
    4. People don't always get their feet wet when standing on a loo and peeing (I'm NOT going to think about pooping).
    5. There are things I might find funny that are perfectly normal to others. And vice versa! For example: A lot of people thought I was very, very strange, when I came back from living in Seattle for three years and wore socks with my sandals. So kooky! they thought. So practical and comfortable, I thought!
    6. "Improper" is a loaded term.
    7. No matter what:
    it was funny, quirky and unusual, to find a sign like this pasted on the back of an ordinary loo in my little old suburban shopping centre, which is not in any way culturally diverse (unfortunately). It was so unexpected, like I got to see the world just a little flipped, just a bit sideways. I laughed. Delighted. Like I'd been given a gift.

    8. I knew this already, but had to say it:

    I love comments on blogs, mine or others. I love the conversations that can happen. Like we're all at the table together, laughing, saying, "No!" and "Did you know?!" and "Yes!" and smiling 'til our cheeks hurt. Beautiful.


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