Wednesday, June 1, 2011

updates and disclosures and more…


I'm glad for a number of things,

one of which I haven't said a public "Thank you," for.

A while back my blog friend MJ,

who I wish lived next door to me, or better, that I lived next door to her (because it's summer over there, and you should see the trees on her street!)

gave me a Versatile Blogger Award.

Thanks so much, MJ. That meant a whole lot to me; it was lovely to be mentioned and appreciated and to feel like my words had really resonated with someone else. That was a really sweet day for me. 

I didn't blog about it back when MJ awarded it, because part of accepting the award involved nominating 7 people to pass the award on to. I kind of fretted over this. If I picked these 7 people, then I'd leave out all these other people I really admire and whose words I truly enjoy. What to do? So I just stewed on it, chewed on it, pondered it, then put it in my mental Too Hard basket. Or, more to the point, I Dropped the Ball. 

So as a ball dropper, I'm not sure I can accept this lovely award! I mean, is it like a chain letter where not only do I NOT win a million dollars but I will actually LOSE a million dollars? That would be bad, because right now I'm not sure I have a million dollars on me. 

Perhaps I can accept the award in spurts.

Like, to the right, on my blog list are people whose words lift me, hold me, keep me up, and make me smile. I am so glad to know them! But there are others I really like too, and others I am just discovering, so I have this idea to do a little blog show-and-tell soon, of all the people who excite and inspire me and why. Stay tuned, if you want, for that :)

And here are a few things about me:

1. I sometimes take a reeeeeaallly long time to make a decision. Sometimes, I take so long, I:
a) Forget to decide (another word for Dropping the Ball), or
b) Avoid making the decision long enough that I start to think, Maybe I don't actually need to make that decision! Maybe it's just ~ poof! ~ blown away. Maybe I never need to make another decision again! Genius, I tell you.

2. I don't like leaving people out. Like, ever. A throwback to mostly being an outsider growing up. Going to 7 different schools (in three countries!) can leave you a little out of the loop, so I'm always very conscious of including people, in everything. It's either a quality or a flaw. Hmmm. Can I decide which one it is later?

3. I love to matter. To other people. Like, it means a lot.

But that's enough about me

(sort of! Because I've got more to say)…

Another thing I'm glad about is,

one of my posts is in this week's Carnival of Homeschooling!

It's my first time in a Carnival… The roller coasters sure look exciting and the bearded ladies are beautiful, but the best part—there's a ferris wheel! What a view! :)

Anyway, it sure looks great, if you want to check it out. There are some really interesting and heartfelt posts on there. I'm very pleased to be a part of it.


we're finding our flow again. 

I can't wait to post about it. I can't wait to tell you exactly How and Why we're finding it, and how happy it's making us all.

Especially me. I had, somehow, switched to a constant, unfixable Fret.

with a whole lot of What Ifs? and, I Can'ts! thrown in.

Now, we've made just a few changes. I've had some more epiphanies,

and life feels like:

wind in the sails,

making good speed,

accepting the passing rainshowers,

tilting here, there, just a little, nothing to worry about.

All in all…

a fine, clear time

out on the open sea.



  1. Ahhh awards, I remember they were quite the rage when I first started blogging. My favourite way to pass them on was to say "If you are reading this consider yourself awarded". He he, piker much? Glad you are finding your flow again. We are still a little all over the place at the moment but getting there. Its all good! Now I am off to check out your link and then wake up my lazy boys. Honestly next year I think we will have to head somewhere warmer for winter.

    big hugs and smoochies xoxox

  2. OH I do love learning things about you!! 7 schools and 3 countries, wow!! And as far as making decisions, I had to laugh as I can so relate!! My problem though is not putting them off, but needing to know every facet and every detail of each decision, then driving myself nuts because the more I learned the more confused I became!!

    As far as passing the award, you are not a ball dropper!! You in no way have to pass it on at all!! Or pass it on to 30 people if you would like :), it's all good :). Some people never acknowledge receiving one and that's okay too. I remember when I got my first one. I tried for an hour to try to trace it back to see where it all started, then I finally realized that it didn't matter. Post after post I came across of people feeling thrilled to be acknowledged. It's just about making someone feel good about what they were doing. I think that's why I comment too. I love to comment because it puts me in touch with that person who has inspired me, made me think, or who I have identified with in some way. It's a beautiful thing, this blogging business. I have met some incredible people so far because of it:), including you dear friend!!

    Looking forward to reading the carnival!!

  3. Love knowing more stuff about you Helena. I am a horrible decision maker too. I hate that about myself. Give me 2 choices and I am happy. Give me 20 and I am overwhelmed! Unfortunately Kei seems to be the same way. EEK!

    I bounced over to the carnival to read your post and it was one of my favs of yours. Awesome job. Loving that view from the Ferris wheel? :)

    Glad to know you are finding your flow, not that I ever doubted for one teeny little minute that you wouldn't. You are just cool like that.


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