Friday, June 17, 2011

more Now. more Here.

So I was making porridge this morning.

Pear porridge + cold winter morning. Mmmmm. Cats meandering through the rooms. Children reading upstairs in their warm beds. Sunlight sliding in through the kitchen window.

As I cooked, I thought, I'll get a book to read, while I stir and stir. Something to do while doing, in the way people do.

I read about two paragraphs, and suddenly thought, Actually, no.

Actually, no thank you. (I'm always polite!).

Because reading, while Fine and Good (always), takes away—right now—from


The simple stirring. The movement of the spoon, circling. Then, doing figure eights, around, and around. Your hand light, the spoon light, your breathing even.

And the watching. As the oats lose their flake and flatness and become…something altogether different. As the pear moves in and merges, as the milk mixes, as the single pieces become a warm smooth One.

And you have the sounds around you. The whirr of the fridge. The lap lap of the cat's tongue finding water. The thump of someone's feet as they launch themselves upstairs, from bed to floor. The shift and creak of the dog in his bed. And the small sound of stirring, the simple hiss as the porridge moves with the spoon.

It's all in this moment. The world. You living in it. You: alive (alive!) and breathing. You, holding a spoon. You. Making something. You, aware, alert, attuned.

You. Here. Now.

There is nothing more



(and the porridge? Shared with my girl? While having breakfast with both kids? While reading out to them from a cool art book
It was delicious :) )


  1. Ohhh....I am going to do a post on just about the same topic! I read a book this week about a woman who visits with the Amish for several weeks and reflects of how their way of life can alter her own. One thing I took away from the book was the power of finding peace in your work. Whether it is stirring porridge or vacuuming the floor, there is value in all we do and what we do deserves our full attention. This just confirms me feelings on this! I need to incorporate more attention into my life...

  2. It's just that kind of moment that makes us who we are, and sets the tone on our day.

    I started the day in a very similar fashion.


  3. I'm guilty of the multi-tasking too! I have to stop myself and just focus on one-thing-at-a-time. But what a lovely morning you had!

  4. Beautiful. Your reminders are always so lovely and timely. Though I am guilty of not feeling every moment as it passes, when I do remember, my senses come alive and everything floods in at once, but not overwhelmingly, more like an awakening. Thank you for your wonderful words, as always...

  5. I am absolutely guilty of too much multi-tasking! Sometimes it feels necessary to get things accomplished, but other times it really just adds to the stress in the day.

    I had to come over here and tell you, though, that just a few hours ago, your post came clearly into my mind. I had read it earlier, and your words were in the back of my mind. I was feeling quite grumpy and taken for granted, not wanting to make dinner tonight. I was making pizzas, and as I poured some oil out onto the pans, and prepared to spread the dough out, I slowed down and paid attention to what I was doing. I felt the oil on my hands and then the dough. It relaxed me and made me feel so much better about the task! Thanks for reminding me to savor the moments at hand, instead of rushing through.

  6. What a beautiful post Helena. I was there, with you...stirring along. As I have said a million [or is it a million and one?] write beautifully. I will remember this, when the days get hectic and crazy...just stirring.

  7. Just dropping by to say hello. Miss you! Hope things are great where you are friend.


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