Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Boy our day was full yesterday!

Shall I tell you about it? Oh, I think I shall!


the kids did some maths and survived :) And my girl and I played two rounds of Zeus on the Loose and my boy played DragonFable


we went to the library again for our Fun Writing Challenge. My boy learned that Italy has a National Emblem and my girl drew a map of the UK. They both learned about a really big statue of an angel, the biggest statue in England. "Did you know, Mum," the kids said, "that the angel's wingspan is longer than a jumbo jet?" No! "Yes!" Wow!


we went and bought bananas from the shop near the library and they were so expensive. The lady at the shop said, "It's because of the Queensland floods…" She and I had a long talk about all the fruit and veg prices being affected and how much it was costing them to run their shop and could you believe a box of ginger was $300? The kids listened to all of it, and afterwards we agreed we'd definitely appreciate these bananas.


on the drive home we had just a little talk… about how England used to govern a lot of countries and how that had changed but that we were still a Commonwealth country and still a Monarchy and did you know, the Queen can fire the Prime Minister? NO! Yes! So we had a conversation about the Constitution and Monarchies vs Republics and Referendums and Commonwealth countries and Governor Generals and we talked about the Queen. All on the drive home from the library!


we had lunch. And we read and drew. My boy read all about Space and my girl drew in her Oodles of Doodles book.


it was so so so SO hot, we had to go



my girl, for the first time ever, swam 25 meters non-stop. That's half an Olympic-sized pool! Non-stop, freestyle. YES!   We stopped swimming lessons for her a while ago—she hated having people grabbing her in the water to correct her stroke. So we've been practising a bit, doing the big arms, talking about big kicks and how her head should turn when she breathed. She's been listening, listening, trying hard. So it was utterly great to see her power through the water, just like that, all the way to half-way. All in front of her Nana, who'd just arrived at the pool. Double plus good :)


my boy, for the first time ever, swam a whole kilometre. That's 20 laps of an Olympic-sized pool! Just up and down up and down, determined to do it. He took breaks, he smiled, but even when Nana arrived, he just kept going. And going. And going. He was so pleased with himself at the end. And a little bit pooped!


they had to share their Space journals and Writing Challenge notebooks with their Nana, who listened and read and loved the kids to bits as always. And they showed her Mittens who purred and loved them all up


well, that was actually about it! Other than all the reading and drawing and talking and sharing with Dad all our adventures at the end of the day.

Which was so full and so happy and 

so very hot!



  1. That all sounds really, really lovely. I am going to put Visit Helena on my list of things to do.

    It is supposed to be -15 F here tonight.

    Pity me.

  2. Wow! Thats some pretty intense swimming going on there. I sure hope today is not as hot as yesterday.

  3. Swimming is a must when it is hot. I am impressed you get schooling done! I am going to try to go year round but we will see what happens if and when the snow finally melts here and our pool defrosts.....

  4. $300 for ginger!!! Oh my.

    It sounds like a wonderful day. Isn't amazing when you start writing about your day, how MUCH you get done!!! It always blows my mind.

    I got an email from The Old Schoolhouse yesterday and I saw they had these "Dan's Doodles" for $1. I had gotten one of these for Kei and she loves them and I thought of you. They have lots of cool stuff for $1, but the Dan's Doodles coloring books are in the Arts, Games and Crafts section.


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