Thursday, February 10, 2011

bring on the awesome

Are many things better than

Well, you might say, Sure there are! I can think of hundreds of better things than that, like canoeing the Amazon River, eating double choc fudge icecream (home made), playing with a roomful of labrador puppies, riding a hot air balloon, traveling to the moon, or—but I would say, 

in this moment 

I can only think of one. 

And that's my kids

doing this exact awesome thing

on a school day

with one of my boy's best friends…

who normally goes to school

but played hooky just so he could come with us…

so we could do this particular 
awesome thing




Sliding through a laser room
and avoiding detection!

(except for the time M's bum got in the way)

Finding the perfect disguise!

Guessing the password!

(which in the end someone told the boys—
without them asking—
which made them quietly

Breaking unbreakable codes!

(Which weren't so hard to crack when you put your heads together at lunch
to share your findings)


Riding a see saw 

(without Laughing so hard you fell off…!)

And ,

Cracking some more codes

and Viewing more clues…

until the Culprit was Determined

beyond the shadow of a doubt!

And ,

Attending a Debriefing

where confirmation was received
that we had


solved the case!

But then we discovered that


was as awesome as 

Popping into


Dancing on stage with Bjorn, Frida, Benny and Agnetha while getting filmed,

Inserting pictures of ourselves onto classic 70's album covers,

Laughing so hard we nearly fell down,

and finally

Singing along to


and Finding

my boy's pitch was

69% on the money.

Bring on the Fame!
Bring on the Bright Lights!

Bring on more awesome days

Like this one.


my boy

my girl



(whose identity must remain secret
for reasons of the utmost importance and 
in the interests of state security.

This post will self destruct in 15 seconds…and counting…!)



  1. ahh... i see you returned!! It sounds like it was great fun :-)

  2. Spys and ABBA!!!! What could be better? Seriously this looks amazing. My Kei would so love this. You do the coolest things.

    And ABBA? We have watched Momma Mia 123 times. What a marvelous day.

    Here, snow is in the forecast and I am freezing. Boo winter! YAY Summer!

  3. Yay! What a divine place! I wanna go!

  4. Hmmm guess who else was playing there ALL afternoon yesterday? Oh from about 1.30 till 5?

  5. PS...are you on Facebook? I use my blog name on there Karisma Fine if you want to add me. Quicker to keep up! ;-)


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