Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This morning's conversation with my girl went like this (as we sat on the couch, morning light coming in, birds calling, cuddle time):

My girl (looking at all my books on the shelf): Why are books so big? How can people write so much?

Me: Well, people write every day, for years.

How do people think of the characters and all the ideas?

They just pop into people's heads. Or they see or hear something that's interesting. They keep journals of all their thoughts, and the things they see. I used to do that when I walked to work, or took the bus. I saw lots of things. … pause… I need to write more stories, I think.

Yeah! You should write a picture book. I'll illustrate it.

That sounds like a good idea! You want it to be about cats?

No. It doesn't need to be about cats. I'm just not very good at monkeys. Or people.  

Illustrated by my girl

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  1. So, a book that doesn't contain monkeys or people. That's not so bad - there's still a whole world of things left. How about that story of the snails plotting to take over the world? Snails are cute...not very fast though. They'd need some kind of vehicle.

    Voila! I shall now eagerly await the story!


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