Monday, February 21, 2011

dinner party

Today was a day for…

making cats!

Which wasn't our intention at all when the day began…

after all, we had sat ourselves at my girl's desk to
write and draw the instructions on:

"How to Make Zoomer: the World's Most Awesome (and Smoothest Gliding and Farthest Flying) Paper Airplane EVER!"

(as invented by my girl the day before…
who in turn was inspired by her new Paper-Plane-Making book)…

Well, we lasted about 3 steps.

'Cos it's hard to remember how you made such a thing of beauty! It's downright impossible to pin something so fine down to its parts.

At some point, having tried to work out which fold came first, and which came next
and having tried to draw the steps and describe them the same way the handy-dandy book did,
and having found it to be less fun than we imagined when we'd plonked ourselves down side-by-side at the desk,

we just looked at the Most Awesome-est Plane Ever, and said,

Well, it sure is a great, great plane.

Isn't it just?

Yeah. It sure is.

And then one of us found a set of feet, little plastic green feet, sitting on the desk…

What's this doing here? we asked.

Turned out it had arrived via the Big Sunday Clean-up of Yesterday, the one that made the house, if only briefly, look like this:

Well, the green feet had to have a body, didn't they…?

And right there on the desk was an empty black thread spool.

How it got there I have no idea. I certainly don't remember putting it there.

I remember clean surfaces, not empty spools and little green feet… so these must have been a gift…

because there too, on the desk, was a small grey marble

waiting—like the others—

to be turned into a cat.

Silly me thought it was going to be a person when we grabbed the blu-tac and stuck the feet
to the spool
to the marble

but my girl said,

it can be a cat!

So we grabbed the permanent marker and I drew a sweet little nose and upturned mouth… and my girl drew big eyes, whiskers and pointy ears,

and there she was…

little cat with green feet.

Who had to get a furry wool body too, and orange arms, and a fine long tail…

Isn't she lovely?

Then at that same desk, I found a frog. And gave it cat ears and a woolly tail…

And my girl found a cork which became a cork cat…

Just Like That

And then my girl made a fox (not quite a cat but SO cute) with a hairclip face and sweet fox tail…

And finally, a rock cat appeared,

as if out of nowhere…

Just in time to join his friends

for dinner.

Yeah. Today was the day




down unexpected paths…

finding gifts

and turning them

into something magical




  1. I love your cats and fox. I love to see what you and your girl create. If only we could all sit around, with tons of crafty things, and create all together!

    Happy week!

  2. Awesome! I'm glad I was there:) !!!

  3. I so love meandering, magic days. :)


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