Thursday, February 3, 2011

the beauty

The beauty of sitting under a tall tree 

completely cool on a hot, clear day,

listening and learning

about clay.

Where it comes from (the river up the road!),

how it shrinks and moves, and 

how it is a living thing from the living earth.

The beauty of hands holding clay…

The beauty of turning it around and around…

rolling, rolling…

and finding something that wasn't there before!

The beauty of sitting and making things with your hands

while others also sit and make things

and chat and laugh and chat.

The beauty of turning a single pinch pot into 

two pinch pots joined together into a ball

just like that.

The beauty of finding you can make something 

that is your very own…

like this!

or this! 

or this!

The beauty of turning things over in your hands…

Everything sifting and buzzing and shining,

inside your mind.



  1. I love that clay. Where did you get it? Kei loves all things clay but she doesn't have any like that. I love all the clay things, the ball, the cat {is that Mittens?] and the owl. Love them.

  2. The works of art are great! Making things out of clay is one of the first things I remember BEGGING my mother to help me with. I must have driven her crazy with all my requests for clay. I remember when I finally received it - I was in my grandfather's kitchen and I remember the sense of relief that my dream had come true. Funny - I don't remember what I made.

    We had a blizzard yesterday. I'm pining for spring so these photos are definite food for my soul.

  3. Thanks, Karen! The clay was provided by our lovely pottery teacher—classes started yesterday! The clay is actually from a friend of hers, from the river on her property just a little north of here. Cool, huh?! And we'll get to fire our creations in a kiln and glaze them—it's going to be so fun!

    Thanks, and what a great memory, Hi Kooky! Isn't it amazing how clear that feeling is, still, in your mind? Clay is just awesome stuff. I love turning it over in my hands. Glad to hear these photos are warming you up. :) I couldn't believe how cool we were under our teacher's shade tent under her big, big old tree.

  4. That clay does look lovely and the creations are amazing. Zak found some clay at the beach about a week ago, and there I was dreading he was going to try and bring it home. LOL. It was a rather huge sandy blob of clay. He had loads of fun with his friend creating at the beach. Thankfully they forgot about it when we went home. Your clay there, looks much more appealing.

  5. So Tactile
    So Responsive
    So Cool and full of potential

    I love clay and pottery


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