Saturday, October 23, 2010

a saturday morning

I had to get on and write down what my kids are doing


It's Saturday morning, 9am. The world is my kids' oyster.

Neither has had breakfast.

And they are both at their desks.

My son is doing Life of Fred—Fractions

My daughter is making a phone with a little box.

They are in their element.

And that brings me JOY.

(and them.

They don't even realise it—

how gorgeous they are, how easy it is for them to find happiness,

how effortless their learning is.

They're living inside their simple joy and to them, it's just life.

They are simply being.

Which makes it all the more beautiful)

(As for my husband, on this lovely Saturday morning?

He is playing Bop-It, his new birthday toy. It's really really loud!)

Have a beautiful weekend!

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  1. I love those kind of days...hanging out at home, enjoying one another, living and learning under the same roof. Add a cup of coffee and pajamas and I am in heaven. I feel like our days have become too packed with playdates, activities and errands. It will stay this way through October but then I intentionally plan to slow down through the holidays, cancel all non-necessary appointments and spend more time in our house. I am envisioning lessons by the fire, lots of coffee and hot coco and the first flakes of snow, in our pjs..... aren't we blessed!


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