Sunday, October 10, 2010

our holidays…

Our holidays…


one word:


We got outside a lot

mostly to

one beach




ice cream was enjoyed

cliff paths were followed

rock forts were built

and rock boats were rowed

a dog was walked (and then rested)

rocks were wandered on

tree bridges were traversed

water was waded through

shark eggs were gathered

yellow met yellow

dolphins were found frolicking

the sky was held

waves were watched

(and swum in, and run from)

smiles were smiled and grins were grinned


joy was jumped


  1. Wow, that looks AMAZING. Now I'm envious - I want to take my kids to the beach so badly. Soon, I hope.

  2. Helena your holiday looks amazing! I love the 'jumping for joy' pictures. :)

    Is that a yellow lab? We have one, 7 months, looked exactly like that as a puppy, drives us nuts at the moment. :)

    And yes, I would love to come to Australia to visit!

  3. Thanks Deb, thanks Karen! I feel especially lucky about our beaches 'cos we don't live in the Big Smoke—so they are never ever crowded. The super white and blue beach is just an hour and a half away from our house!! So we can go for the day, there's a campsite next door—bliss.
    They don't mind tourists, so yes, please come on over…! :-) (I know we homeschool mums are just MADE of money to galivant overseas… not! But you would be so welcome if you did come on by).
    And our dog is an old old Golden Retriever. One of the loves of my life!


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