Thursday, October 7, 2010

are you okay?

my feeling on this is:

this is a good


so good in fact that

why not make it 'r u okay day' every day

if you can

check in with friends and loved ones who might be struggling

let friends and loved ones know you care about them

even when (it seems) they aren't struggling

let friends and loved ones know that they


to you

This simple act

has made a world of difference to me

in my own journey


because of that kindness and care

I am




  1. Thanks for making me smile today!

  2. The last couple of years have been difficult for me. My Mother died, I was laid off for awhile and I am trying to HS my daughter. I am also a single mom.

    I so agree with you. Without the support of people in my life who cared if I was 'ok', I would never had made it. Love this post.

  3. Anonymous—you are more than welcome! :-)

    And Karen, your blog shows so much positive, loving energy—I'm grateful that I get to read it. And writing about all that joy, finding it when you have had your own difficult times is inspirational. So thank you, for that, and for your comment :-)


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