Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Is it an irony when someone asks you to join their blog hop,

a blog hop specifically about finishing something,

and you don't join the hop

(at least, you don't Hop when you were meant to Hop, which was yesterday),

not because you haven't finished something,

but because you can't manage to finish the blog post about finishing something?

I think it might just be.

And was that or was that not a very long sentence?

(Which I finished, by the way!

See, Deb! I CAN finish something already!)

Not Inadequate Blog Hop

And for the record…

I just finished sorting through and clearing out all the cardboard box creations that my daughter has made over the past couple of months.
There have been MANY (like, they covered almost every surface of the house!).
I saved some and took photos of the others as I went,
because they were and are precious.

(Since tidying up, my daughter made a couple more things—
like a boat, another boat, a toy for the cat, and last night she made
an egg-carton turtle called Malachite
who can give little friends rides inside her)

Malachite, the friendly turtle

I started and finished making my son's Mighty Spartan Outfit
(thank you, Pillowcase, for being in the right place
at the right time when I needed you!).

I also

finished making dinner


finished eating it

with my girl,

while my son and husband were out,

at my son's first gig

playing for a private function

(where he got fed some delicious spaghetti, played music,
and got doughnuts for dessert.
A seriously good day for him).

I even finished cleaning up the kitchen

(which, along with doing laundry and going grocery shopping
is one of my least favourite things to do).

Most importantly

at various times

in the past couple of days,

I finished


in a chair

with the cat on my lap.

Both of us



  1. Thank you, Helena! Thank you so much for linking! I really appreciate it. Plus also, you are in a totally different time zone and hemisphere than me, so maybe you weren't late at all....?

    Now! Onto finishing something for next week!

  2. You just crack me up! Here is my thing about projects...if it can be done and finished in a couple of hours, I am in. I just lose interest when it takes forever.

    Love the costume and the turtle box!!! I am impressed with all the things you 'finished'. ;)

  3. I have to admit to having a lot of unfinished projects about but when you describe your finished things, guess what?....I finish heaps of things each day too!


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