Tuesday, October 26, 2010

3 things

Three images (and moments) I am in love with today

A wild Spartan warrior

who has been asking for a Greek tunic for ages

and after reading Story of the World yesterday

(and learning about Alexander the Great)


'I really want us to make that Spartan costume now,'

and I said, 'Okay then'

(there being nothing scheduled for the day and
nothing that had to be done).


we made it,

just like that,

and then he charged, and stalked, and leaped about the garden with his home-made spear and shield,
pretending to be at war with the chickens. Very funny.

A fox sniffing a daffodil

which my sister sent me via email,

and which made me think of all these things at once:

of Fox being a cherished family name,

of me loving foxes since I was a child,

(there always being a fox on the christmas cake when I was little,
toy foxes given as presents and my whole family once receiving
an orange t-shirt with a fox on it for Christmas—a gift from my sister),

daffodils being my, and my grandmother's and my sister's
favourite flower,

of my grandmother,

my sister,




(that being the exact look on the fox's face and how I feel when I am breathing in my kids).

And finally…

a cat on the lap of a girl on a lap

making a neat sandwich,

and making my girl the happiest little girl in the middle ever.

Editors note:

my daughter just looked at this blog post and said,
"But that's not my favourite picture!"
So we looked for her favourite, and here it is—

photo taken by my boy


I love hearing from you! Thank you for your heartfelt, thoughtful responses—they lift me, and give me light.