Saturday, January 29, 2011


Introducing the newest member of our family!

Mittens the Kitten.

Yes, she IS scrumptious

She belongs to my girl who
has been asking for a kitten for days and weeks and months and years

and who
FINALLY heard, 


(Yeah… she broke us!)

My girl is so thrilled she can hardly stand it.

Who knew something so small could bring such joy?

Here's Mittens eating

Mittens playing

Mittens exploring 


Mittens drinking

I didn't catch her pooping (yet), so you have been spared! 

Mittens just got desexed so will be 
staying in my girl's room for the next week while she heals.

Then we will introduce her to the house, 

and to Cat No. 1, 

who has no clue…

and to Sweet Dog. 

I hope it'll all go well!

She's the third pet we've bought from the RSPCA. Those guys do an amazing job. Today, we saw the staff farewelling a gorgeous dog—they were just delighted that he'd found a home. And our tiny kitten was handed over so lovingly…

I always leave there in awe of the job they do with such little funding, in the face of the hard reality that not all pets can be rehoused. I leave filled with the energy that comes from all the Doing Good and Doing Right that goes on there every single day. My girl wants to volunteer there when she turns 15. I think that's a pretty fine dream. I can't wait to volunteer with her.



  1. Oh she is adorable! And her name suits her beautifully! :-)

  2. Mine are going to be volunteers, too. I can pretty much guarantee it. :)
    And I'll be there with them, too.

  3. How cute is she!??? I bet your girl loves her so. Kei loves her dog but would still love a kitty. I am afraid Nomad would eat it !

    Can't wait to see more adorable pictures of Mittens. [minus the poop ones!] ;)

  4. Poor Otis… (that's the cat) Doesn't know what he's in for… :)


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