Monday, January 10, 2011

Updated! Holiday Show and Tell

Good morning, class! 

For today's Show and Tell, I have all sorts of news. In fact, anyone else wanting to share news today might have to wait 'til tomorrow. Yeah, I mean you in the back with the owl habitat diorama—Sit down, sister!

Today, for show and tell,

my 1st item of news 

is that

my boy's lego team was on t.v. tonight!

Howabout that? Kind of cool, huh?

The local news came to a fundraising booth the team had set up in a shopping mall. They filmed for ages, and my son wore one of his excellent fedoras for the event. When we watched it tonight, we got to see the team working the robot, the coach and kids getting interviewed, and… my boy's chin, and only his chin! It looked very handsome! (We also saw me and my girl in the background, which was ironic as we were totally trying to stay out of the way).

Anyway, it was great to see everyone on t.v. and have the kids' (and mentors') efforts recognised. The funny thing is, they didn't mention we were homeschoolers. Isn't that strange?

(UPDATE: I've now got youtube footage! Wow, I didn't know that would be possible, so thankyou, Clever Parent Who Did This. I love technology!)

If anyone wants to check out the team's website, here it is:

So…what do you think? Does anyone want to come to our robocamp? If you do—especially those in the US—I'll be very impressed!

(And I've been avoiding saying this out loud because then it'll be real…but we can't go with the team to compete in Europe. For lots of reasons, but ultimately it came down to the dates completely clashing with a major music festival my husband and his work will be hosting in June. We are disappointed… but so happy to be part of the team, to have been part of something as awesome as the tournament, and to now help the others fundraise. It's incredibly exciting, and I'm so proud of everyone.)

My 2nd piece of news is

that we have a new family band. 

This is BIG news!

May I introduce you to the members of the band?

Here's Angus. He plays a mean guitar…

 Moo is the bassist.

(Moo, who's a lion, thinks he's an elephant seal.
…… Best not to burst his bubble)

Silver plays a fine sax.

Growl and Peli work the trumpet and flute like pros

and Tigger does percussion with his mate Waffle.


Last but not least are Flops and
Lambie. Doing some fine work on trombone and keys.

Without further ado, 

I present

The Fuzzy Noodles

and their adoring audience!

(pause for rapturous applause)

The kids set this all up the other day while I was in another room (cleaning, I'll have you know). When I happened to walk in, Splotches the cat had just finished dancing. You can see her on the stage in front of the audience. A wombat (called IssaBiggaFattaWombat) had just been singing in a deep baritone, and when I caught him out, he got the giggles. :)

Yummy, aren't they?

The 3rd piece of news

is that in our holidays, just two days ago,

on a glorious sun-swamped day

we got to drive for thirty minutes to swim and play here

and for that I felt incredibly lucky.


(and I know I've taken up a lot of your time today, 
so thank you for your patience),

my 4th and most important piece of news

is that

yesterday I cleaned the top of a dresser and the top of one whole bathroom sink and sink area.

Wow—I know.

Pretty impressive, even if I say so myself!

Tomorrow's news

will hopefully see me cleaning just a BIT more of my house.

That is, if I'm going to succeed in FiPaWaFroRooRooMo.

Don't you think?

That's it from me for today.

Thank you for listening, class! 



  1. Thnaks for making me smile after a long day. I just love your news, every bit of it!

  2. Very cute! I am envious of your "playarea". We are gearing up for another major snowstorm! I would give anything for a warm beach and to see my toes out of fuzzy socks.......

    Congrats on the cleaning as well. It may seem little but it is HUGE! This new year I am working my way through the flylade zones. It is starting to make a difference (at least downstairs) my upstairs is a total complete wreck.


  3. My kids have been poking their stuffed animals around corners at me all morning, saying stuff like, "Ladybug at your seeeeerrrrrrvice" in weird voices. And then they collapse in a fit of laughter. It is hilarious, but also getting old. I am having a hard time telling them to knock if off, because I am laughing too hard.

    I was thinking about you last night - I heard on the news that Austrailia was getting a lot of rain and flooding. Everything okay where you are?

  4. Very interesting news indeed. I am shockingly slow at getting with the cleaning. One thing at a time of course. I did clean out one shelf of my craft cupboard the other day! :-)

  5. Thanks, you guys!
    Glad I made you smile, A. Thanks for everything you've done and are doing to help out the team. You seriously rock.
    Another snowstorm, Jessica? Didn't the sky get the memo?!
    Yeah, we're okay, Deb, but it's getting crazy (and scary) up north. Thanks for thinking of us.
    Well done on cleaning that shelf, Karisma! That's what I'm talking about! I actually think one shelf of a craft cupboard can equal a whole room, so that's awesome :)

  6. I love the YouTube video. Kei and I were trying to decide which was your darling son. Then we went to the web site..and found a 'cool drummer' ;) How totally exciting for him. But a long way to go without Mom..eek.

    I love The Fuzzy Noodles! Kei was standing over my shoulder saying "WebKinz, Webkinz" :)Kei plays with hers ALL the TIME. She makes videos with them.

    Yay on the bathroom. Simple steps will get things done. :)

    The beach...heaven on earth. As I sit here and see snow that I don't think will EVER go away, I dream of sand and sun and oceans...

  7. Karen, oh, my boy isn't going without us! No, none of us are going to the Netherlands. It is just too far for a boy to go without his Mum (or his family).

    He is all right though. So much music happening for him this year; he is going to have a wonderful time.

    Thanks for always being here in my comments section, Karen (and Kei!)—I love hearing from you :)

  8. I so love when the babes' creativity takes over a day. :)

    And I wanted to confess to you that my house is quite messy! Three days of cousins, and a day or two of 'preoccupied' did quite a number on it. :)
    (But I did do some remedying yesterday! :) )


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