Thursday, January 13, 2011


Here I am and we are, having our special family days, together and smiling so much and so often…

and not so far north

people are struggling terribly. Many have died or are missing. Our third largest city is under water. Practically a whole state is submerged.

The pictures and stories are extraordinary. The hardest ones, the ones that break my heart, are about the children.

I am so sorry for those who are suffering so much right now.

And somehow…

because our human spirit is so…well, what is it? … stubborn? tenacious? resilient? we keep on.

We say, Nup. We are not beaten.

From far away, we empathise and we grieve. We watch and send positive energy and clothes and money and love. We feel.

From close up, we are there as the water rises, and tie ropes to our bodies to rescue people from their cars. We help old people leave their homes and save animals from drowning. We sandbag and rescue and support. We feed and water and keep warm those without a home. We give and give and give.

We suffer and are broken and lost and then…

somehow, sometime…

we are found.

And when the water goes down? We will rebuild.

Because that is who we are.

Now, I think of the Pakistani flood victims of last year and how the situation seemed terrible, but so far away. 

This is how it often is, isn't it? You watch from far away and only as much of you as can bear it feels for those suffering. Some things are so terrible, your mind can only allow a certain amount in.

Today Australians have their own homes and towns underwater. And because it is so close, I feel it harder, see it clearer. 

So, with as much of me as I can bear, 

I feel for those suffering here, 

AND for everyone who suffered in Pakistan last year,

(AND, having seen the news coming out today, those in Brazil.)

I send love and positive energy to all those who are grieving and rebuilding. 

And I will give what I am in my power to give.

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  1. Praying for all of your country. You know...I didn't realize how bad it was until I just read your post and Kei and I went to read about it and look at pictures. We talked about not being those Americans who never know what is going on in the world. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    The human spirit is an amazing thing. Hugs


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