Wednesday, January 26, 2011

things I want to share…

Tonight I feel like sharing some of the things I'm reading, 
thinking about,
open to,
and reflecting on.

I guess I'm inviting you to go on a walk with me through my thoughts…
care to come?

If you want to read one of the most beautiful and inspiring insights into education and unschooling I have ever read, please go to Stephanie's lovely blogpost:

If ever in the future I wonder what I'm doing, where I'm going, and why (which may be often!), I'm going to go back and read this post.

It makes my heart full…  and it All-Through-My-Body resonates, like a piano wire, trembling.

My kids have updated their blogs! My boy did some exploring, and my girl has news to share… :) I can't wait for her news to come to our house!

I love living in Australia. I'm so happy I'm an Australian.

But, boy, I wish they'd change the date we celebrate our National holiday.

It's the date that, 223 years ago, white people came and declared the country to be Terra Nullius—unsettled, uninhabited, and therefore claimable in its entirety by another nation…it was the beginning of an impossibly dark time for the indigenous people. It's the date many have come to call Invasion Day, and many others call Survival Day.

We've talked a LOT about all this today, on Australia Day. We've talked about what people celebrate on this day, and what people mourn. We've talked through both sides of the argument… and I hope the kids have really thought about today with open minds and hearts, with a sense of something bigger than themselves.

(Here's some info, if you feel like thinking on it some more: Ozday1, Ozday2)

My friend Jennifer's blog FourSeeds never seems to go up in my blogroll. I wish I could figure out why!

She's awesome and writes regularly. I thought I'd mention her here, because I find her words just inspiring…

Finally, this:



because I love them and want to share them with you!

Hope you're all having a beautiful night, or a beautiful day, or

some time in between…

in that moment 

before it is


Thanks so much 

for coming on my thoughtwalk 

with me!



  1. Tell the boy and girl I love there blogs, great stories and very exciting news!!

  2. Stephanie is amazing isn't she? I wish I had enough confidence in myself, my girls, and the process to shun all directed learning. But I can't. I think it might be different if my girls never went to school, or if I was not a teacher for a short time. I know that it makes sense and I strive to get to a place similar to hers but for now we are a mix of unstructured learning that is pure interest driven, mixed with a bit of what I ask them to do. It is interesting though that the only time we have conflict is when the balance is tipped from being more interest-led to being too directed. I too will go back and re-read her post many times.

  3. Well... ahem... thanks so much, both of you for your incredibly generous words.

    I love the picture of your children. Totally what I would see in my house, too.
    It's what casual conversation looks like. :)

  4. love reading you :)


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