Saturday, January 22, 2011

my kind of day

Today was a

'Wake to find your husband gave up and slept in a kid's bed 'cos you were scrunched too tightly between your kid and him so had your knee in his back all night'… kind of day.

Today was a

'Decide, with your husband, to devote an entire room to beds beds and even more beds!'

kind of day.

Today was a

'Discover in moving beds in and around, how dirty the windows are and decide to clean them,'

kind of day.

And a

'While taking out windows to clean them, discover how dirty the screen is and take it out to clean too,'

kind of day.

And, a

'While taking out the screen to clean it, punch a hole with a screwdriver through the netting so that you have to go and buy more netting to replace it'

kind of day.

Today was a

'Discover how cool a room looks when it is literally wall-to-wall bed!'

and a

'Find your room looks cosy with butterfly curtains on the cupboards and kids' paintings on the wall'

kind of day!

Today was a

'Delight your kids by saying they can fly paper airplanes out of a screenless window!'

kind of day.

Today was a

wash the dog and clean windows and replace netting and turn a room into a true BEDroom and delight your kids and have a nap and continue to organise writers workshop and have dinner and go see a magical concert at your husband's work

kind of day.

And, a

see baby birds being fed by their mother


watch bats fly through dusklight

and see how the ocean readies itself for sleep

from the hill

at your husband's work


your children write stories and draw comics and drink hot chocolate

all the time listening

to music

as it wafts out into the darkening night

and red light spreads over the lawn

kind of day.


was a

record the music and the croaking of the night critters

and have your girl come up, her feet going pat pat pat in the dark,

and whisper to you, so sweetly…

"Are you taking photos of the bats?"

kind of



It was

my kind





  1. Birds and bats and ocean breezes....sounds of night critters wafting in through open I long to be where you are. We are sitting in front of a roaring fire. Our house was built in 1930 and has very poor insulation. The temp is dropping rapidly, not getting about 20F today....another BIG storm is on the way. Keep writing about the warmth and beauty that surrounds is getting me through this hard, hard winter!

  2. I am with Jess! Your descriptions make me long for warmth and sunlight!

    I love your kind of day. The room full of beds just delight me!!

    As always I love your posts Helena. Happy weekend.

  3. Another thing..I always read your posts to Kei, she loves your 'words' too. :)

  4. Wonderful!! I hope my Saturday is just as fine! :)

  5. That sounds like an awesome day! Mmmmmm, hot chocolate!

  6. Wow, you actually did what we used to joke about- wall-to-wall beds. The child-in/ hubby-out thing happened here on quite a few nights.


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