Monday, September 20, 2010

To Do and To Don't

Things I am doing

even though I shouldn't be.

Staying up late when my whole body (eyes to knees, hair to toe) says I'M TIRED. Like REALLY TIRED. Please, please, take me to bed.

Worrying over how to help my girl understand maths. Like stewing over, mulling, ruminating, obsessing. Maths has become my nemesis. (But only KIND OF, because my son and I are going to dive into fractions tomorrow, and I think fractions are COOL).

Wishing I could help homeschool some kids who aren't homeschooled, who'd be so so great to hang out with, but aren't mine, and can't be wished over like a cool toy in a shop window. Bummer about that.

Wishing I could fix things I have no real power over. That's a really great wish, and goes in the box with wishing for world peace and the end to poverty. Though you can make quite a bit of noise about the last two.

Things I am doing

that I should be doing.

(Otherwise known as a WIN-WIN situation)

Listening to the quiet.

Sitting beside my daughter's ball of wool and needles, from her new adventure into the LAND of KNITTING. Having a little smile inside about that. She loves her knitting. I need me some needles now, to join her. I need to get my boy some needles. We needs us a knittin' circle!

Thinking of how warm and snug my feet are in their purple UGG boots. Mother's Day present 2010. Everyone should get a pair. Preferably in a colour they'd never choose for themselves.

Listening to the quiet. I know I mentioned it already, but it really is lovely.

Listening to the fridge humming. In F sharp. I know, because I just got up, went over to the piano and checked.

Letting the cat get on my lap in the nth hour, just as I'm thinking I WILL go to bed…

oh…I shouldn't have done that.


  1. I saw an interview with a PhD candidate once who was writing her doctoral thesis on the benefits of knitting on the brain. It was very interesting. Basically she said that since knitting is both creative and math-y (technical term), it creates new pathways in the brain between the right side and the left side.

    So there you go - math geniusness and creative prowess are right around the corner over there in Aussie-land!

  2. I mean, not that you all aren't math geniuses and brilliantly creative right NOW...

    Good grief, now I am going to be worried all day that I offended you. I shouldn't be commenting before I've had enough coffee.

  3. Ooooh, that sounds good—the idea that my daughter is making new pathways (and me too). I like new pathways. Anything to bring us some maths joy!
    And of course you didn't offend me. Don't worry about that one bit. Worry about finding world peace and the end to poverty, if you must :-)

  4. Knitting is my is soothing to the mind b/c it's repetitive and rhythmic, yet it's active and productive as well, so doesn't produce the same frustration that traditional meditation might. Glad to hear your girl is enjoying it. If I lived closer, I'd sign up for your knitting circle in a would my Lucy, she is knitting a doll atm. I have a couple of knitting books with nice projects for beginners, let me know if your girl would like to have a look, I can always photocopy some patterns and post them to you :)

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog. I returned the favor and found a new favorite. It is late here and I am exhausted so I can't really jump into your blog but I love this post. What is really strange is my daughter is learning to knit and I almost tripped over her yarn to get to my computer to discover YOU!

    I will be back tomorrow to explore some more! Glad I found you.

  6. Melissa, we'd love to see your projects for beginners! My girl's eyes lit up when I read out your comment. Thank you!
    And Karen, I'm glad you came by! And how funny you nearly tripped on your girl's yarn just before reading my post. Serendipity! (Not the near fall, of course, but the connection :-) )

  7. I have a Waldorf type book with little animals, dolls etc ( just made in plain knit stitch), another book of toys made completely out of knitted squares and some other easy stuff...why don't I copy a selection of easiest of the easy patterns to send ? I'll email you :)

    Lucy and I love doing Waldorf style craft, we'd be happy to do some with your girl some time!


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