Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a lazy day…

On this lazy day,

a grand bottletop fair was held

by a boy and a girl

who had set up the fairground

just so.

Icecream was made and sold

as were the bottle tops

(with prices varying, said the seller, according to rarity of top)

A bottle top colour guessing game was played

using an ingenious invention

created by a boy and a girl

and prizes were won.

On this lazy day,

a toy house was played with

(which had been built by a dad, a boy and a girl the day before)

and afterwards,

the animals

slept deeply in their little beds.

On this lazy day,

a girl went to buy a bird

(to replace a beloved boy bird, Zed,
who had passed away in his nest three days before,
having worked his little tail off for months
nest making
grooming, and egg sitting
for his girlfriend Zoom.

R.I.P Zed. You will be missed).

Introducing Zip

who then met his new girl friend (the hefty one in the photo)

and was lurved

(resulting a seriously happy little girl!).

On this lazy day

haikus were written

by a boy,

who was

inspired by a book

that arrived in the post today

and is awesome.

(and will be used a lot
in writers workshop and at home.
I can't wait)

A haiku

Five syllables start,

Seven syllables follow.

Then five more, the end.

by my boy

On this lazy day

other lovely books arrived,

(this being the big half year books splurge of 2010)

and were pored over by a boy and a girl and a mum.

They included

A Childrens' Homer by Padraic Colum

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World by Mary Hoffman

The Picture History of Great Inventors by Gillian Clements

A Really Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson.

Galen and the Door to Medicine


Archimedes and the Door to Science by Jeanne Bendick.


On this lazy day

maths dvds arrived

to help us find some maths joy again

and were watched and laughed over
and loved

by a boy and a girl and a mum.

And on this lazy day,

a cat
lay flat

on a man.

It was




(not-so-) lazy



  1. Lovely - in so many ways. I just love your posts, Helena.

  2. What a lovely day indeed. We collect bottle caps. Kei wants to try to make some like the necklaces they are wearing. I bought her one, which costs $5 for just the bottlecap and told her we could make these at home!!

    I will have to check out the books. I love books. Love, love, love!

    And welcome home Zip! :)

  3. Thanks, Deb, that's just so nice to hear. Same to you, by the way :)

    And thanks, Karen—I've never thought of making necklaces with bottletops! How's that done, I wonder? Got some tips? And yes, books ARE yummy, much more delicious than icecream, and way more nourishing.


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