Monday, September 13, 2010


A new day brings…


planning to take the dog out into sunshine

planning to take the kids and myself and the dog out into sunshine

remembering our bushwalk yesterday, a walk I almost didn't go on…

a walk that was lovely.

remembering the calls of birds on the walk we went on

and the dog lapping up creek water

and my daughter finding sticks and leaves and bark and carrying them all home

and my husband and I holding hands

and my son talking and talking and talking and talking and…

feeling hopeful

looking out at the world while looking in at my tricky stuff—keeping a balance, always

waiting for my kids to get up

waiting to see their faces and get my cuddles. (I always get morning cuddles. Every morning without fail)





(oh. It just started raining outside.

Did the universe not read this post?!

Must be sunshine sometime in the future, then.

There's always sunshine in the future)

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