Monday, December 12, 2011

a particular day

I almost missed this.

Samoa, December 12, 2010

With ten minutes to go of the day, I suddenly realised today is the anniversary of my dad passing away. He has been gone now for 11 years.

One year ago, we stood by a rock pool in Samoa, a deeply spiritual place, and spoke of him.

The water was so still while we were speaking. Just before my sister opened the box with his ashes inside, just as she was talking, a wave washed into the pool and lapped at my sister's ankles. 

We spread his ashes over the water. As I said goodbye to my father with my sister by my side, I finally cried. Properly, deeply, hard.

And afterwards? We threw frangipani flowers over the water. They smelled so beautiful in our hands.

Love, and peace, to you all.



  1. love and light to you. {{hugs}}

  2. 11 years...It has been almost 4 for my Mother and I still miss her every day. I remember your post last year. It was so full of beauty and sadness and joy. Hugs Helena

  3. As difficult as death is, this was a beautiful memory that you shared... thank you...My dad passed on Dec. 4, 1998, 11 years ago too :)...
    hugs to you dear friend

  4. Happy New Year dear friend...

  5. Outstanding story there. What occurred after? Thanks!
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