Sunday, December 11, 2011

feathered angels and soulful light

Hey, it turns out tawny frogmouths aren't owls at all! I've been misleading you this whole time. Shame on me! 

They are so much like owls that many people think they are. But The Owl Pages website explains why they are not. 

Still, they were so very beautiful. They haven't been back. Must be off somewhere, making someone else's day. Like fuzzy-feathered, winged, beaked, big-eyed angels. :) 

We went looking for the lunar eclipse last night. Me in my jammies and ugg boots, my husband in his boxer shorts, standing out on our just-mown lawn under a soulful sky. 

The moon was hiding behind clouds, perhaps, or swooning away behind some trees, so we never saw it shine and change. But it was still magical. Standing in that ethereal light. With my husband, in the garden. The frogs chirruping and insects whispering amongst themselves. 

Something rustled loudly in the trees. I think our new chooks roost up there. Perhaps they were startled to see humans roaming about their bedroom… I know I'd be alarmed to see them in mine. 

We drifted upstairs and slept with the curtains open. Fans whirred in the kids' bedrooms. And the moon quietly transformed itself while we slept, and silver light coated our dreams.


  1. I knew that about the tawny frogmouths, but I've been having trouble posting comments on blogs and I didn't tell you.

    But now I do want to tell you thank you for (as always) putting beautiful words to keyboard to describe the everyday. What a talent you have :-)

  2. Love the new photo on the funny and fun...awesome!!!! Love Deb

  3. What a wonderful peaceful moment! I've never seen a lunar eclipse before. There's something magical about being outside late on a winter night.

  4. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for the update on the tawny frogmouths. They look so much like owls! I love how you described your experience with the lunar eclipse. We couldn't see it here.


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