Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vegie Wednesdays… a Beginning

What I would like, is to have each of you here right now. All of us in a room together, just smiling at each other. Beaming ridiculously, grins bursting out. Because that's how I feel in this moment. Heart full of gratitude, wanting to see your smiles and to share mine with you.

Thank you for your support. Thank you so much.

But seeing as you aren't here, in this room with me this moment (and why did that wish not work? I closed my eyes and everything!), I will send my smiles and overflowing heart out into the air and into the ether. I will send energy and light and love on the four winds.

I hope they find you. And find you well.

So, onto business! :)

This is the beginning of a new idea I have.

Because we are going through a fairly life-changing, soul-changing, mind-changing journey here, it's tempting to write about it all the time. You know how it is? Like when you've read a book or a film you wish everyone could see. Or you've had an adventure and you want to show all the pictures? You want to sit everyone down to your slide show, share with them the smells, the sights, the sounds, the tastes. You want to sit and talk for hours about how you feel and how the adventure has changed you.

But maybe not everyone wants to hear about the journey, or maybe they're tired. Maybe they want to hear a little, then go to bed, or, you know, do their laundry? Maybe people want to hear about the other parts of your life, outside the Voyage that Made Everything Different. Maybe they want to know about your days, the walk you had on the beach, a moment with your kids that made you smile.

It's about balance, I suppose. And though we're leaning far and fully into our New Path, I understand it's good to look around. Notice the other stuff. Write about the other Stuff. It's important.

With that in mind,

I'm thinking that I'll write about our Vegie Adventures on Wednesdays.

I'll write about the things we've learned, the books we've read. I'll write about the hard stuff and the good stuff—stuff that involves delicious recipes, and tales of hunting for vegan cheese. I'll write about how we're feeling and coping with a diet that is so different and new for us (but becoming more normal, every day). I'll post links to things I care about and to information, to resources, articles and books, and to organisations I believe are making a difference. Some of my words might feel heavy. I'm hoping most of my words will bring light, along with new ideas and a simple view into how a family can live this journey. I want it to be a space where Real and True can sit alongside Hope and Respect and Love.

All this?


On a single day labeled "Vegie Wednesdays"?

Yes, I say!

I mean, there's R U Ok day, and there's Daffodil Day and there's Talk Like a Pirate Day. Look at the difference those single days have made.

And they have. In the best possible ways.

I hope I can make some kind of difference too. This issue matters, so much, to me.

(The issue being, in the broadest biggest sense, the respectful, humane treatment of all living creatures on this earth. In the smallest sense, finding ways to eat that don't cause suffering to others).

So I know my day doesn't have quite the ring of those days, or the reach.
(And I know the name isn't so crash hot, but I can't think of a better one right now! Suggestions?)

But, and this is what matters really,
it's a start.

It's something, which (I've heard and so they say),

is always more than nothing.

So I'm launching this Day officially, right now. Cue the champagne bottle on a string! Cue the orchestra (or should it just be a drum roll?). Cue the marching band and the release of the doves! Cue the scissors and the ribbon.

Smash! Bang! Parrump! Flap! Snip!

There. That's done.

And now I'm off to make pancakes with oat milk and fresh laid eggs from our chickens,

who are
this minute,

pa-cark!ing loudly outside as they search for grubs in the grass.

(and if you can't or don't have eggs, here's a recipe (my first Vegie Wednesdays link!) to some vegan pancakes. You could totally use nut, oat or rice milk in place of the soy. I haven't tried this recipe, but I should, don't you think?)

Soon, my girl and her sleepover friend will wake and come sleepily down the stairs. My boy will be tousle-haired and have his black pants on as always. My kids will smile and come, as they always do, for morning cuddles.

The dog will roll on his back some time today,
and wag his tale in the delicious sunlight.

We'll go to buy my son's new Scout shirt and eat a yummy vegan lunch at the Buddhist temple for a treat.

Music will get played.
And stories will be told.

Toys will have silly voices given to them and they'll have adventures. And a whole lot of laughing will happen. I know it.

It's going to be a beautiful day.


Next week: I'm going to write a review of the book I just read. It's called Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. It was extraordinary and painful, enlightening and heartfelt. Which is kind of like life at its purest, isn't it?



  1. I will be very interested in your vegan recipes and how it all works out. Those pancakes looked great. And I would say, don't limit yourself to Wednesdays if you really want to share your passion right now. The excitment shines through and it is a joy to see anyone experience the thrill of something new.

  2. I agree with Andrea...I like the idea of series, especially when it's hot! Keep them coming!

  3. Another great idea Helena, your ideas on veganism are really giving me food for thought and i would love to follow your series, get some good recipe ideas and explore the issue in my mind again (who knows where that might lead?).
    I figure it would be hard for me to get the balance right as we do rely on dairy products (vaila in particular is addicted to cheese).
    I remember being paranoid about the B12 issue last time when I was vegan, but I was only 14 and i do know a lot more about food and nutrition now...It is great to read of your passion and animal welfare is a subject very close to my heart too.
    Thanks too for the positive energy vibes - they definitely floated my way today. Hope you had a lovely day (the lunch at the Buddhist temple sounds awesome!)

  4. I will look forward to these posts. We are not vegitarian but the consumption of meat in our house has decreased dramatically. It just feels better to eat less of it. I applaud you on your journey and will try to do a veggie meal on Tuesdays (we are not home to cook on Wednesdays) and share. Are you doing a link-up??

  5. I love your Vegie Wednesdays idea Helena. I can't wait to read more about your journey. I love the way you write, flowy and lovely and making me latch onto every word.

    I hope you had an amazing day with your bunch.

    Oh and I totally heard YOUR boy playing on that drum roll didn't you? :) Hugs Hugs.

  6. I would love to see your veggie posts! No promises to convert, but I love getting new ideas and being inspired by you anyway!!

    A picnic lunch at the Buddhist temple sounds wonderful!! Hope you have a wonderful day Helena!

  7. Hi I just wanted to say that I read your blog and love your honesty and passion for what you do.
    We are beginning our unschooling journey and I have been vegetarian for 21 years no. (wow, I seem so old saying that!) Have been raw vegan to pescatarian and everything in between.
    Good for you for becoming vegan, I still do a raw vegan cleanse twice a year or so and feel wonderful. When our children are a bit older I would love to introduce them to the ethics and lifestyle, then let them choose.
    I agree, the Buddhist temple sounds just lovely.
    C x

  8. Thanks, everyone for your support! I'm really excited to do more in the series :)

    Jessica, I'm not sure I'll do an Official link up, but I think having people post links in their comments would be a wonderful idea! I love the idea of you cooking a veg meal on Tuesdays and sharing—that would be fantastic.

    Remoteislandparadise, you're welcome for the positive energy vibes! The B12 thing is something I've looked into. The kids are having chewable supplements every day, and my husband and I take a Mega B tablet every day too. It's pretty easy, and just feels like part of our day now.

    Carla, it's really nice to meet you :) Thank you for your comment and your story! My kids are huge supporters of this life change—they are totally into it, and want to learn as much as they can about the issues. That makes it so much easier.

    Thanks for your your loving energy and kind support, everyone! Thank you Karen, for saying how you feel about my words—that was really moving. Thank you MJ for your open mind and constant interest in new ideas (which is so YOU). And Andrea and Joyful Learner, how lovely that you want to read more often than Wednesdays—that made me smile :)

  9. I just adore your writing. Although I'm not a vegetarian/vegan, I support your choice to do so and I'm excited to see what this holds for you!

    By the way, I nominated you for an award on my blog, if you're into the "Award" thing. :)


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