Monday, October 17, 2011

building happiness

Hey, guess what: I have now have another thing to add to my list of

Top Favourite Physical Sensations.

It'll go there on the shelf with

drying my face with a towel after a shower. (Bliss)

taking off my socks in bed when my feet have finally warmed up (Yay)

getting into bed when the sheets have just been changed. (Utterly Delectable)

wrapping my fingers around a cup of tea. (Mmm)

the moment of sitting down on the couch, with that same cup of tea, just after the kids have snuggled up to sleep. (Tranquility)

taking off my shoes and socks at the beach, and scrunching my toes in the sand
(especially when it's Spring and you've been in socks and shoes on the beach all winter, and finally, finally, it's warm enough to take them off!) (Yum)

the shiver of cold on my toes when I walk into a wave. (Ah. Like the tingle I get when I taste a rare fizzy soft drink and my brain goes Weeeee. Oh, that should be on the list too. There you go, fine moment, get settled in.)

Ah. It's a great list, isn't it?

So what could possibly be fine enough to add to a list as scrumptious as this?

Well, it's this:

putting on your jammies and slippers after a full day of adventure with your family, when your body is tired but so happy, when you're brim-ful of Best Day Ever-itis.

Oh, the feeling of soft fabric, the warmth of your slippers and socks, the sigh as your body settles in. (SO! SNUGGLY!)

I will write about the day we had very soon. It was truly a wonderful day (in fact it was a whole weekend of lovely) but for now, I'll let the list be.

So it can look at itself and feel kind of pleased, kind of proud, kind of special

for being the

Only Thing That Helena Writes About, For Once! (Because You Know How She Can Go On)


I hope you are all having a beautiful day! We sure are.

(How could we not? A whole day at home. Practice, Maths, new islands on Poptropica. Going on a mission to find vegan cheese! Cancelling band to read library books on the couch. Peace. Space. Beauty.)


  1. That is one blissful list, indeed! Getting into bed with fresh sheets is right up there on my list as well, especially if they came in from the outside line (as opposed to the dryer). Right now, I am blissed out by the smell of fall at night when I head out with my dog; the smell of leaves on the ground and woodstoves in the distance - oh it just soothes my soul. Thanks for taking the time to write out this lovely list.

  2. I can only imagine the fantastic spamalicious comments you will get get after posting "Top Favourite Physical Sensations."

    I especially love the clean feeling of my teeth after I brush them, and just standing in the shower letting the water fall on my face.

    Also, now jealous of all you people who can put that extra "u" into your words. (well, it's extra to us narcissistic Americans anyway). So exotic.

  3. What a list. I love those things too. I changed my sheets this morning and thought "I can't wait to go to bed tonight".

    Good luck on your quest for Vegan Cheese. :)

  4. Thanks, Andrea and I love that one of the things on your list is a Smell Sensation—I forgot those! I'll have to have a p.s. post to mention mine :) By the way, it's really lovely to see you again!

    Deb, I thought of that, but seeing as everyone who comes by here is Pure of Mind, I'm sure I'll get nothing but sweet fall stories, and clean teeth feelings (cross fingers!). I love your favourite things. As for our extra U, you know you could do it too—pretend you've just discovered a long long long lost Oz relative and are perfectly within your rights to write Colour and Favourite, Harbour and Mould!

    Karen, I hope you had a good sleep last night! The clean sheet feeling is one of the best best feelings in the world. (Thank you, person who invented sheets!) And thanks about the cheese—we found some and had a deliciously delectable pizza last night. Ah, pizza, we missed you! :)

  5. That last comment of mine had 7 exclamation marks. Hmmm. Did I beat a record? Do I get a prize? (Ooh. a Prize. That would be lovely!)

  6. Oh how I love this list :) So many of these are my favorites, too.
    I also envy extra "u"'s funny because I was just saying the other day how I prefer the spellings "colour" and "favourite" (and also "cosy" in instead of "cozy").

  7. Loving the list! It is so very similar to my list!

    Glad you had a lovely day - can't wait to hear about it (it will make up for my not so super day)!

    I'm a big fan of exclamation marks too!!! They add sparkle to any day!

  8. Lovely list Helena! (Exclamation mark.)
    My list would also have the gentle kiss of the first warm breeze after winter OR a cool evening breeze after a scorching hot day. Either one is delicious.

  9. Very nice wonderful moments! I am sending you some extra happy vibes today and some ooober Big hugs just because I love you! ;-) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


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