Friday, September 30, 2011

wish you were here!

I thought I'd put together some 

Postcards from the Land of Sweet and Slow

—a.k.a. our lovely holidays!—

I do hope you like them

A Date with a Boy

Where we


(Yes, that's us on a bus! We locked our bikes up by the beach,
then took a free bus into downtown. So easy)

Doesn't everyone assemble newly bought lego games
in the restaurant as they're having lunch?)


(mmm,  caramel mudcake with cookie dough mix-in for him,
and chocolate with raspberries for me. …It's a hard life)


Now that was a fun day.

(My husband took lots of photos of his date with our girl, 
but hasn't downloaded them yet.

I know they had a beautiful time!)


Games Games and more Games




Our new great love. 
It's adaptable—you can even create your own rules. 
We have played it over and over for days!

Found on a website called which has tons of other really fun games. 
Role playing, adventure games, physics games, silly games
(like Snail Bob—so funny). 

This one finds us problem solving for hours. It's magic.

Imaginary games with our new collection of
Lego Mini-figures

(a certain mum couldn't control herself and now we own 9. 
Don't let her drive to the toy store to get more! We need to eat too, you know!)

Friends visiting
and visiting with friends. 

no photos!

So just close your eyes and imagine the smiling
and the noise
and the food
and the talking
and the running up and down the stairs
and the made up games played in almost every room
and most importantly,
 the laughter

Delicious home-made lunches

(wow—so much spinach!)


Walks with sticks and 
a happy dog

(who got washed today. Thank goodness)

and finally,



which looked like this

and this

and this.

Every day 
has been the perfect mix of busy and not busy.

Every day
has been just lovely

just right.

I hope you are having some
just lovely and just right days too.

After all, when you find days like these
—when they plonk themselves right there before you, grinning—
they heal
and carry
and give such light.
Don't they?


  1. What a great time you are having! I love the looks on everyone's faces. Pure joy. Love all the games, we do love a good game. It is very hard to find ones that only require 2 people.

    Ok I must have the spinach recipe. What is that? Is it Spinach pizza? Spinach is Kei's favorite thing in the world. Lovely holiday Helena. :)

  2. Thank you, Karen! One recipe right here (hope you come back to read this!):

    We call that pizza our "Mexican Pizza." You get a corn tortilla, put on some pasta sauce, then a good layer of spinach, then the cheese, and whatever other toppings you want. The kids have tomato and lots of feta. We have mushroom, caramelised onion, and my husband has olives. We pre-bake the corn tortillas so they're not all floppy. They're scrumptious. I can't take the credit—my husband invented them. He's very clever :)


  3. Loved the day out (movies, ice-cream, new games!), loved the games, loved the music, loved the pizza, loved the dog rolling about after a wash (what IS with that?). Not so sure about the green drink?? Please tell it wasn't spinach smoothies!

  4. Beautiful! Love it <3 Such happiness radiating from this post!

  5. My girls and I were just talking about having a day with Mom and Dad to do whatever they wanted for as long as they wanted. Between this post and Theresa's post from the other day when she had lunch with A., I think a day alone with each of my lovely daughters sounds divine...... You radiate joy. I love to see your posts because I feel the joy that lives in your home.

  6. Ahhh, big sigh. Lovely Helena. So much happiness and wandering and vivacity! Thanks for introducing Heroica, my lego loving boy will want to check it out!! And those green smoothies, how I would love to share one with you!!

  7. Ok. I loved it ALL. All of it. EXCEPT: the green drink. You kinda lost me there, my dear.

    I love your son's hat. I always wanted a cool hat. I wore one for about a year in college and then? I never found another that fit my large cranium very well.

  8. You must be having a wonderful holiday. I see you in my mind, you and your wonderful family having the best time ever.

    Thanks for the pizza recipe. We will have to try that!! I love green smoothies too! :)

  9. Fabulous! So much fun! I am loving the lego games there. And here I sit and have not even left the house yet. When my kids told me we were on holidays, I chose to knit, crochet and dream a lot. Then it rained. LOL We are heading off for a short trip on Friday night, IF nothing happens to tie me down here again. ;-)


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