Thursday, September 22, 2011

scrambling out from under

Hey, wow. In my attempt to catch up on everyone's words, after having been Out for the Count, Snowed Under, Teetering on the Edge and so on for days, I found another wonderful post, this time by MamaTea, about a "bad day." Here 'tis. And it has links to other people sharing their hard times too. The key word being, Sharing. Opening up and seeking light.

I love the way the Universe works. That it (or rather, It?) knows that these are exactly the honest, real words I need to read right now. Thank you, Universe, and all the beautiful people striving, hoping, dreaming, in it.

We took the whole day off yesterday. I cancelled two activities, and two were already over for the term. That left us with the entire, huge, sun-filled and glorious day,

from the moment we woke, to the moment we went to bed,

to do whatever we liked.

It would be a massive understatement to say:

We had a good time.

What did we fill our day with?

Well, there was

music practice

(with my girl saying, "Mum I didn't know practice was so fun! I can't believe I ever thought it was boring!" She's writing music now, on staffs she draws in the back of her practice book. Gorgeous)

and maths

(my girl loves knowing her times tables. She knows even the 12s. She keeps asking me to test her. We do it in the car, over breakfast, just as she's going to sleep. She is so happy.

my boy LOVES his maths textbook. It covers what he needs while simultaneously going sideways and up. It shoots for the moon; it pushes you out of the box. He's calculating angles in his head, learning about the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and two days ago he began exploring the Geometer's Sketchpad, which looks incredible. What a perfect fit this book is, for all of us (because you know I'm sitting next to him, figuring out the maths too!) )

and science experiments

(we got litmus strips and tested the acidity of a dozen foods, mostly dairy for a project my boy is working on. We checked ketchup and feta cheese and even checked our spit! It was so fun. Did you know that strawberry jam is as acidic as lemon juice? And that my son runs a bit alkaline, so I'm going to have to do some research on what THAT's all about. More learning to do :))

and drawing another book of made-up creatures

(this time my girl is writing details about each creature. Their diet, predators, what they look like, their mannerisms. It's beautiful and funny. Just like her)

and making a big big batch of pasta sauce
to freeze and make scrumptious lasagne with

(because we're trying to go whole food, natural food, made from scratch as much as possible. The result of more scientific research, for another project we're working on!)

and making a scrumptious lasagne

(which was delicious.  But not quite as delicious as the last one, which had home-grown spinach in it— a gift from a friend. Isn't that a beautiful gift to receive? Time to plant our vege garden, I think)

and snuggling with the cat and kitten

(who has gotten fat! It's like she's swallowed a balloon. We laugh at how she walks, but she doesn't care. She's impervious to all jibes and any kind of training (like, Don't get on that counter! Don't scratch that chair up! Don't climb on my head.) )

and reading reading reading

(my son is re-reading the Harry Potter series. He spends every spare moment inside his books. Reading is his down-time, his safe space, his quiet zen retreat. As it has been for me, all my life. Lucky me, him, us)

and writing

(my girl and I met up again for a writing date! It's becoming our regular thing, now. Yesterday my boy joined us to work on a presentation for Lego League. We sat writing together, and the joy rose up).

It was a beautiful day.

With nothing and everything in it.

We didn't even leave the house (except to check our experiments. We set up our Lab on the trampoline! As you do).

We were lifting ourselves back to health.

Or at least trying.

Every day being new and all,

filled with promise.

ps I'm experimenting with writing less and not fussing over each word for hours. How am I doing? More Less required? Just you wait. One day I really will just post a photo. And then I'll go and write about it in my diary, just to let the words out. They're like puppies, you know. Regular walks needed :)


  1. "It was a beautiful day. With nothing and everything in it." That is the most perfect day, and one you can't plan or work too hard at, because a forced day will never have all that you need. :)

    So glad that my post could help you out. I'm all for people being honest and talking about the dark as well as the light. I'm glad your day today went so well for you!

  2. Fabulous post! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your day! It sounds just about our kind of perfect day too! And the words are just fine :-)

  3. Helena,
    My words are not like puppies, but sometimes like snails. I love to hear about your days, like this one with joy-rising-up even. You share the good, the bad, the funny, and heart-felt in a way that is beautiful and unique.

  4. Well that was a pretty full day for "nothing". Those trampolines are marvelous inventions hey? They have so many uses. A few times last week I found Zak holed up on ours with his maths book. He is really not liking his math at the moment so its becoming a struggle. Might go check out your link. :-) Hugs xoxoxox

  5. Peter piper prefers to pat the playful puppies : )

  6. Sounds like a beautiful, fantastic day :) My favoritest kind of day...slow and filled with nothing but what you want to do!

  7. Sounds like a perfect break :)
    Sometimes we just need these soul breaks don't we.
    Thank you for sharing it so beautifully.
    You inspire.
    By the way I just tagged you for a homeschool meme!
    You're it :)


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