Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Today feels like the weekend! she said.

Which didn't surprise me,

because today was filled with the same Flow and Good and True,

as the weekend was.

The weekend was made of


(where a boy made more than double the money he made last week. He is now saving for an iPod touch—which, if he ends up buying it, will be the only electronic game-y thing in our whole house! He has the taste for the good life, now. Tomorrow an iPod touch. Next month, a Porsche :) )

playing at the beach

(with a very old school friend my girl hadn't caught up with in weeks, maybe even months. They picked up right where they left off. Which made me so happy. Creaking inside happy—you know the kind?)


(with friends and a dad, in front of about a hundred people. I think I'd better get used to this, our weekends filled with my boy following his passion)


(a dog on Sunday morning. Who then had to, just had to, roll on the grass. Don't you wish you could do that after a bath?!

And I should mention: it was just my husband and I who popped down the road, to the dog washing station at the pet food store. We left the kids at home alone for the first time ever. Both of them were contentedly reading and didn't want to come. I showed my son where the phone was. Reminded him where our phone numbers were on the fridge. We were back within 20 minutes, and they were fine. Right there, another milestone was reached in the journey—the one that is us raising our kids, then letting them fly. WOW.)


(a new strategic card game created by my girl. Think Yu-Gi-Oh, or Mythmatical Battles, but with kittens. Very cool… It wasn't simple—there were a lot of rules to learn. There were power food tokens you could earn to claim back a defeated kitten. And you had to play smart—these little darlings had some serious attack and defence powers and could take you down. )


(how to work our new sewing machine. It's finally out of its box! Hurrah. We learned to fill the bobbin thingy up and thread the needle. We even sewed. We went crazy with learning.

Though I have to admit: at one point we nearly gave up—the bobbin thingy filling part was kind of hard. We thought we'd have to wait and ask our trusty sewing teacher/neighbour/friend for help. But then, we found an inner strength. We persevered, and figured it out. Boo Ya!)


(all Sunday afternoon—one boy and one girl crawling completely inside their books. My son is re-reading the Percy Jackson series. My girl finished with Artemis Fowl (about a 12 year old criminal mastermind who befriends the world of fairies as you've never imagined them), then moved on to Little House in the Big Woods. Kind of a funny transition, don't you think?)


(by me. Just me. On my bike because I had to. Because the sun and Outside and the beach called. I rode along the bike path that runs along the water, all the way into town. Where I stood by the ocean. Just me. Breathing.)


the chooks wander about. Looking for grubs. Scratching. Free.

the flowers blossoming on the peach tree. Must be Springtime… Lovely.

Our weekend.

You could measure each fine moment in dollops. Like

honey. Like fresh whipped cream
plopped on scones you've just pulled out of the oven.


And today? 

Well, it was more of the same :) 

My girl reading an Australian history book at breakfast, about indigenous life before white people came.

My boy practicing piano and drums, then working through his maths textbook, the one he loves. We're up to angles now. He drew his answers in the shapes of fish and 3-D pyramids… As you do!

My girl drawing more pictures in her Book of Creatures. All original, and gorgeous. I will have to ask her if I can share them with you.

My girl and I reading a maths story book together on the big bed upstairs. The cats coming to join us. The two of them licking each other, then sleeping nestled in each other's paws.

My girl going to practice piano and finding dad had run off to work with her music. Not to worry—more time for sewing!

(We're sewing toys, using the sewing machine. We thought we'd have one finished today, but need to fix a few things. Bigger legs! Sew the legs on first, then stuff body! Go bigger all 'round! Be prepared for a nice, steep learning curve! Breathe.)

My son, designing and building a bird feeder. Lots of trial and error there too. Best thing was looking out at him, sitting on the back verandah, drilling and carving with his pocket knife. The chickens roamed by periodically, to check whether the wood chips were worms.

Then the beach.

The beach. The beach!

Jumping the dunes. Striding with the dog (well, he lagged to sniff and poop and say hello to the other dogs). Sitting while the children played.

Floating in Time.

And band practice for my boy, and maths talk with my girl about making change and her Getting It! and dinner all together at the table… my husband making us laugh 'til we pleaded for him to Please, stop being so funny. :)

And a movie date with my husband as the kids read in bed.



This is how a Monday can be

just, and exactly,

like a weekend.

Open. Full. Of wonder. Of discoveries and delight. Of adventure and simplicity, both.

Just and exactly,

(and so very simply)

a life.

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  1. sounds like a very full weekend! i know the first time hubby and i took the youngest for a walk around the neighborhood and left the oldest kids at home...such a big step. love all the creating that seems to go on in your house!

  2. Love the dog rolling in the lawn - why do they do that??? And how cool you left them by themselves for the first time (big step) - watch out, it's addictive (you can DO things now!).

    Lovely lovely learning and doing. As always :-)

  3. I don't know what it is, exactly, but I love reading about the flow of your days :) Sounds like a lovely time. I agree, very nice to be able to leave the kids alone, even for a small space of time. It is a big step!

  4. I'm with Susan...there is something about reading about your days that makes me feel happy and sunshiny inside. What an incredible day. Your girl's game sounds great! I can not believe all you squeezed into a weekend Helena. We love Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl! And of course Little House is a beauty. I can't wait to see your animals you make! Lovely days.

  5. Helena, I love these glimpses into your lives. Every time you post it makes me smile. Sometimes I'm a little shy with the comments (not sure why), but just wanted to let you know that I'm thankful for you, your writing, your family, and that you share it here :)

  6. this struggle between life on the page & life on the land feels so familiar to me. I hope your health returns recovering from being ill is almost as bad as being ill in the first place!


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