Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monday lovely Monday

I love Mondays.

We don't have to be anywhere 'til 5pm, so the whole day stretches out,

filled with delicious potential.

And for a boy who was feeling very under-the-weather yesterday,

a stretchy, empty day was exactly what he
(and we, as it turned out) needed.

It was a day for

a girl to play piano

and Timez Attack

and for a boy to read on his bed.

A day for a girl to

make a book out of index cards,

and help make a new multiplication game

with her mama (who had had an Idea and wanted to start right Then and There!).

A day for a girl to play the game with her mama

then help make up another game (and play that too!)

…while a boy read on his bed.

A day for a boy to come downstairs and

make a cape and High Priest's hat for his toy dog,

play with his sister,

then read on the couch.

A day for big, gorgeous cuddles on the bed

(with me as the filling and the kids the bread, all curled up around each other like question marks),

then a nap for me

and reading on two beds by two happy kids

(starting to see a pattern here?).

A day for my boy

to go to band (having rested all day and now feeling Up for It)

and for a mama and a girl to come home and make dinner.

A day for a girl to draw at her desk

while a mama made vegetable soup,

chopped vegies and danced in the kitchen

to music so infectious

a girl had to come dance too.

(And this has to be one of the happiest songs ever, of all time)

Ah. It was a glorious day.

Did I mention that I love Mondays?

And Tuesdays too, come to think of it. As for Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays…

Well. I love you all. You are, actually, all my favourites :)


I thought you'd like to know:

We've had FIVE nights of happy bedtimes now! Which = one happy family, one empowered and pleased-as-peaches girl, and lots and lots of sleep.


(Deep, contented sigh)


  1. Must have been the day for it! Sick kids here, and lots of reading, napping and...not much else! How cool that we can do that when we need to.

    So happy with that deep contented sigh! That's good news :-)

  2. This sounds like such a great day. I really like when we have days like this...stretched out with nothing to do...that is the best!

  3. What a fantastic day! Isn't sleep grand?! :) I am so glad to hear that your daughter has been finding peace at night time.

  4. Aaaah. Sleep is a fine, fine thing. :)


  5. Sounds great! We always have slow, relaxing Mondays around here too. I try to schedule it that way because I know we're all a little sensitive from the transition from the weekend with having Daddy around for 2 whole days.

  6. I love days like this too! I love all the reading and drawing and dancing....the dancing is lovely. The Math game looks fun and I love the cape and hat! Wonderful.

    I wonder, do you have a television? I never hear you mention it and you do so many amazing things. I wish we could give it up. Sometimes. :)

  7. Hooray for sleep, Helena! So glad you are all finding a happier night-time rhythm! Love your games you made - so cool - you remind me i must buy some counters!

  8. Yay for 5 nights!! And hooray for stretched out days of just living and learning :). We had a similar day like that yesterday too. Both kids under the weather, me trying not to catch it. Slow, yet so full, and with so much togetherness. Even managed to keep the computer off, but now I'm playing catch up :). Thanks for sharing the song!!!

  9. Thank you everyone—it's so lovely to get these good wishes coming our way! They, as always, make me smile :)

    And yes, aren't stretched out, take-it-easy days the best? I'm glad you all get to enjoy them too.

    Jo—I'm glad you like the look of our games! I plan to post about the one we love best—multiplication Bingo. We are having a blast playing it!

    Karen, yes, we have a t.v. but the kids literally never watch any tv shows. They only watch it on movie nights, when we watch a dvd, around once a week. We once went a year without it even plugged in—just pulled it out for movie night. Wild! Kind of interesting, how over the years, quite organically, we shifted from being tv watchers to non-watchers…hmm perhaps I should write a post about it!

    So many posts to write, so much time! Thank you all for your lovely responses :)


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