Thursday, December 16, 2010


We are back!

BACK. Like, flown safely there and safely home. Like, returned—transformed, delighted, sunsoaked and exhausted.

We flew and landed and drove and saw and swam and ferried and drove and swam and ate and slept and saw and talked and laughed and laughed and

spread my father's ashes somewhere indescribably beautiful


swam and drove and ferried and saw and ate and slept and talked and swam and laughed and laughed


flew back.

Safe and sound.

Now I'm home, and I feel like I left another home behind—our old friends' welcome was so warm and so incredible. The whole country is so warm and so incredible.

(And I now realise I never said the name of where we were going! What was I thinking?! It's beautiful SAMOA.)

I'm so glad we went.

And I am so glad to be back too.

I love being home. I love seeing our dog, our cat, the crazy-tall grass in the back yard. I love that it's summer holidays. I love that I am going to make lentil bolognese for dinner. I love that I now get to share all our adventures on this sweet blogspace of mine.

There will be a LOT of photos coming up! I can't wait to share them.

Welcome back me; hello to everyone and anyone reading my words. Can you see me waving and my big, big, smile?


  1. Welcome home lovely! You are so brave! I hope I can be so brave when it is my turn to fly! hehe! Hugs xoxoxox

  2. Helena! I missed you! I am glad you are back with happy memories.

    Also - drink the koolaid and get on Twitter. Then we can share inanities, I mean meaningful things every day!

  3. Welcome home! I missed your posts and thought of you often. I am so proud of you for facing your fear and soaring! Can't wait to see pictures.

  4. yay!
    can't wait for your posts ...
    welcome safely back home

  5. Wonderful! That's a huge fear to put behind you and replace with glorious memories.


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